Lunia Online Knight Guide

To Hack Or To Slash? That Is The Question

Various character classes in Lunia Online

One of the few character classes that can be chosen at the very start of Lunia includes Knights, Healers, Wizards, Thieves and Dark Princesses. Given the limited selection of character classes most people settle with a Knight and head out into the battlefield to kick butt. Nonetheless, learning how to play the game is quite easy but mastering some of the basics can be difficult, especially building a class that can easily transition combos and take down bosses.

This Lunia Online beginner’s buide for Knights covers the basics of playing a Knight as well as executing some of the cool combos and skills that goes along with playing the sword wielders.

The Many Forms Of Knighthood

Knight stats overview

The basic skills of the Knight break down into various categories with different effects, damage and properties. In the skill list you’ll find that there are five skill sections.

There is Strike, which features a series of straightforward striking attacks or knockdowns.

Sword contains plenty of area of effect charges to either knock enemies down or sweep an area clean of mobs.

Charge is a category mostly composed of kicks and mid-air combos that move in the direction of an enemy. These attacks are best used to lead-in a combo on a group of enemies or to setup for a devastating blow.

Bless features a series of buffs that range from increased defenses to being immune to stuns to taking little or no damage over a short period of time.

Ability is the final category of skills for the Knight, including the basics of increased health regeneration or increased mana regeneration, along with basic upgrades to receive less damage or deal more damage.

Strike Skills Overview

Skill-list overview for Knights

As the old saying goes ‘knowing is half the battle’, and for gamers who know what they’re getting out of a Knight when it comes to character skills then they’ll at least know what to prep for and where to place skill points, beforehand.

Cross Cut: This is a two-slash skill that can cut multiple enemies directly in front of you.

Blow: A basic stun attack that deals moderate damage. Best used as a setup for a follow-up knockdown or combo attack.

Counterattack: This move isn’t really worth it, but it can knock back enemies and stave off an attack if used before an enemy attacks.

Iron Hammer: A powerful attack that throws out a bolt of lightning after attacking an enemy.

True Iron Hammer: Attacks enemies with a powerful blow followed by several lightning bolts.

Destruction Fist: This is an extremely useful skill that allows you to become invincible for a short period before knocking all enemies down in the path with a powerful fist strike.

Finishing blow: This is a follow-up attack that only works after knocking an enemy down and deals additional damage while they’re on the ground.

Sky Slash: An aerial attack that drops down and attacks enemies – it then forces enemies to stand back up to take additional damage.

True Destruction Fist: An even more powerful version of Destruction Fist…this is essential for players who like to deal quick and high amounts of damage.

Sword Skills Overview

Getting ready to pummel a snowman

Crescent Moon Sword: This sword skill cuts through enemies repeatedly while in effect, although it deals very little damage.

Thundering Sound: This attack inflicts a mobility reducing effect while keeping enemies at a distance slowed down.

Flash Fate: Three devastating blows are fired out at enemies using this standalone skill.

True Whirlwind Wave: This shoots a massive whirlwind attack at the bad guys, which does similar damage to the dragon’s boss attack in Episode 3.

Hurricane Sword: Jabs the ground and shoots an attack through the ground at enemies. Considering that this skill has a slight delay before using it, this is best used as a lead-in attack before getting into battle.

Whirling Sword: This area of effect attack fires a circular sword slash at enemies within the area. It’s good for both a lead-in attack and for combining as a combo skill.

Whirlwind Wave: Much like Whirling Sword this skill throws a whirling sword slash at enemies while stunning enemies, preventing them from moving.

Charge Skills Overview

A close-up of the Knight

Kicking: As simple as this skill sounds, it’s actually an extremely good combo lead-in given that it puts players in the air doing a whirling three-kick combo on a mob.

Whirlpool Sword: Charges the enemy with a whirling sword to deal devastating damage on enemies.

Infinite Meteor Sword: A powerful attack that uses the “Ultimate Blows” combos on the bad guys. Excellent for boss fights.

Wind Kick: Similar to the skill “Kicking”, this skill requires a bit of a start-up to get going but delivers a string of damaging counter-kicks to opponents.

Flying Dragon Sword: Similar to the “Destruction Fist”, this is an aerial-kicking version of the skill that enables players to deal charging kicking combos to foes.

Bless Skills Overview

Watch out for the cannons

Magic Defense: For a brief period of time the caster is immune to magic missiles.

Rage Explosion: An excellent buff that increases damage by 50% for the length of the buff.

Feign Death: This is exactly what it sounds like…you fake your death to lower threat aggro.

Provocation: The complete opposite of “Feign Death”, this skill provokes enemies to move in closer.

Protective Aura: A great party skill that inhibits players from being stunned from normal or power skills and at the same time allows for health to be restored…excellent for PvP.

True Rage Explosion: Deals maximum damage for the duration of the buff, and requires Rage Explosion as a prerequisite for use.

Ability Skills Overview

Putting the mammoth back on ice

Health Increase: As the title suggests, this increases the maximum HP of the caster for each level a skill point is put into it. This is a good skill to upgrade for those who want to make their Knight a tank.

Mana Recovery: This increases the regeneration of mana over a period of time. This skill is essential for those who love pulling off heavy hitting combos, as they will drain mana quickly.

Mana Increase: Much like “Health Increase” this skill maximizes the total amount of disposable mana. For those who like to use heavy, mana-consuming skills back-to-back it would be essential to put points into this skill.

Deadly Blow: Increases the chance of critical hit. As the game suggests, this skill is not only good for PvE but also in PvP scenarios when you’re looking for a lucky big hit to knock off an opponent’s HP quickly.

Minimal Damage: Minimizes the amount of physical damage taken from enemies. In conjunction with “Health Increase” this is another skill that works well for building a tank class.

Hopefully this beginner class guide for Knights helped in distinguishing what you can expect when playing as a Knight in Lunia Online. For more MMO guides be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub. For further information on Lunia Online feel free to visit the Official Website.