Golf MMO Guide - Golfing Guide For Pangya

Golf MMO Guide - Golfing Guide For Pangya
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Do you feel like golfing?

Sometimes as gamers we feel like playing something that doesn’t always involve grinding a magic barrier to level 70 or leveling up a sniping skill to get one-shot kills in some mythical, battle-torn fantasy land. Sometimes, gamers just want to have fun, play with others and still level-up, casually. Pangya, once known as Albatross 18, is a strong running free-to-play MMO golfing game, and it definitely fits the bill of a “casually good time”. Now for new players it can still be a game that is overwhelming. So players looking to get in an information-advantage so they don’t get royally owned by some high-level golfer, can look no further than right here for a quick beginner’s guide for golfing in Pangya.

Frugality is first

Setting the swing for a Pangya

Unlike a lot of other golf simulators out there where you pick your character, some attire and hit the circuits for some tee-time fun, Pangya puts gamers in a slightly different position. Much like Mario Golf for Nintendo platforms or Hot Shots Golf for the PlayStation gaming platforms, Pangya is all about fantasy golf with over-the-top characters, vibrant animations, sparkling colors and completely ridiculous ways to make virtual golf more exciting, fun and unique.

First thing is first, after jumping into creating a character of choice the best thing to do is not spend any money on any accessory whatsoever. It’s easy to go into the game by buyin cash shop items and then trying to outfit a raging-bull newbie with some great premium clothes and clubs. However, the reality is that it’s best to outfit one’s character with absolutely nothing at the start of the game. In Pangya, playing style, courses and opponents should be observed first and foremost. Otherwise, you might find yourself with no cash, lousy items and a tough time trying to have fun.

Return to the Blue Lagoon

Pangya chat

The best thing to do at the start is find another newbie and do a round on the beginner map called the Blue Lagoon; explore the game’s variance of wind speed, club quality and the geometry of the course and how it affects swings and direction. A guide for the basics on the clubs to use and their respective distances can be found at the main website. Now the one thing that needs to be noted, however, is that while beginner players can speculate a match to get a feel for how the game is played it’s still best to participate in a match to understand how the ball physics and clubs work. Spend plenty of time just experimenting with hitting the ball at different points and with various amounts of spin to see how the ball responds under a mixture of conditions. This way, when the time comes, it won’t be a frightening experience in an intense match to use ball spin or an assortment of other tricks to get out of a sticky situation.

Earning Pang

pangya 005

After spending some time playing around with hitting the ball and getting a feel for the course the next best thing to do is try to earn a little Pang (the game’s version of currency) and experience. This is done by winning matches, scoring birdies, Pangyas (perfect power shots) and hole in ones. Try winning a few matches (while stocking up on Pang) by defeating a few other newbie players in Stroke matches. It may take a few matches to earn enough to buy new beginner clothes and clubs. If possible, try hosting several games and setting the options in your favor so that you have an advantage on winning and try avoiding low-level players with good gear. Otherwise, playing against them is the best way to put yourself on a platter as newbie fodder for players looking for a way to earn some quick cash.

Teams over Tournaments

A group of golfers hanging out

If there is one thing that new players should definitely stay away from when starting out, it’s tournament matches. While they can be fun playing with a bunch of players at one time, it can be time consuming and render ill results on the end of making any extra cash. Even mid-level golfers might want to steer clear of tournaments unless, of course, quick swings and fast strokes have been mastered. The main goal when starting out is to establish a method for smoothly progressing in the game and Stroke matches and Team play are the best options.

One of the things that make Team play a good way to get a feel for the game is that having someone join in and share the effort can easily allow for much quicker progression for earning Pang and leveling up. As opposed to trying earn currency in multi-player, single matches. Try winning a few matches with a partner before heading to the shop for some new gear.

Dress for success

Maid outfits are cool to some people

The best items to purchase are the ones that quickly get your character out of their newbie outfit; new shoes, shirt and pants (if applicable) will help with the basics. The main things to look for when starting out are items that increase accuracy. While power is good for getting the ball far with a few hits, it’s always the putting that will prove to be a problem for beginner players. Keeping the ball on the green is also extremely important for winning Stroke matches quickly and efficiently and accuracy helps with that greatly. Hence, accuracy and control accessories are the best for starting off with in the game.

Stick with what you know

Curve, luck and power items aren’t necessarily important for new players because those are items reserved for increasing skills that are required on more difficult courses. And if you’re the kind of player who doesn’t fare well with tougher, more challenging courses, be sure to stick with the easier course(s) until you master all the necessary swinging and curving techniques for ball control or establishing better use of the power skills. It’s not a bad idea to also save up some extra cash and buy accessories that are dedicated for helping to improve key areas where your character is lacking (or where you feel you can take better advantage on a course) before moving on to more advanced courses. It’s easy to get side-tracked and waste a lot of time playing on tough courses and earning very little Pang in the process. Hence, advanced courses should be avoided when starting off in the game.

Caddies are for newbs

One of the many caddies in the game

Now a lot of players are keen on acquiring pets or caddies, which is actually a good way to help boost stats or Pang for beginners. Caddies or mascots can help improve control, accuracy or Pang-per-hole in some cases. New players can acquire the basic Papel caddie by completing the beginner’s tutorial. The best part about it is that the tutorial is designed for beginner players and the newbie-caddie is perfect for new players to get their feet wet with managing a caddie. Papel will also add one attribute to a player’s control stats, which isn’t a bad thing to have when starting off, especially considering that Papel is the only free caddie that can be earned early on in the game.

For the most part that pretty much wraps up this beginner’s guide for golfing in Pangya. With this knowledge it shouldn’t be too hard to jump into a new game and try out some of the aforementioned tips. Now if you’ve advanced beyond these tactics for starting off in the game and you’ve managed to win some rounds, earn some Pang and level-up, yet you still need more help, then be sure to check out the advanced golfing tutorial at Ntreev’s official Pangya website.