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Beginner’s Guide to Golf Tips for the Wii

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Playing golf in Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort isn’t as easy as you may think. Find out how to master the game with this guide to give you tips for playing golf on the Wii! Even if you can’t master it, you can still have fun with it a little more with the tips in this guide.

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    Wii Sports: Golf

    Wii Sports cover Wii Sports is a fun and popular game for the Nintendo Wii that comes with most of the consoles. It provides endless hours of entertainment for the whole family playing games such as Wii Sports Bowling, baseball, golf, tennis, and boxing. Some of these, such as bowling, is quite easy to pick up and play. It doesn’t really require too much skill to play, it is still fun. Golfing is however, a much harder Wii Sport. This guide will help you to get some Wii golf tips to hopefully help you get your swing better and start mastering the game!

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    Wii Golf Tips for Beginners

    Golf isn’t really an easy sport in real life, and it isn’t easy when playing on the Nintendo Wii in Wii Sports Golf either. It will take practice and skill, as well as some luck, too. These Wii golf tips are aimed for the beginner, but everyone could benefit from reading them to help improve their virtual golf swing as well!

    Wii Golf Tips 

    For beginners, it is advised to take all of the practice lessons as you can before jumping into a game in either Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort. The training areas in the Wii Sports game includes three different areas to really get your game better. Be sure to play these and you will become better. Practice makes perfect!

    Once you do start playing for real, I suggest starting out with just a three-hole course. Unless you have some real unnatural talent, you probably won’t be that great your first few tries at playing. Starting with fewer holes will make you less frustrated.

    Before attempting a shot, always be sure to look at which direction the hole is and also notice any obstacles that may be in your way. This is very important to do before each swing because you could end up sending it in the completely wrong direction if you don’t!

    You’ll use the Wii remote to swing the golf club as you would in real life, sort of. You will need to step up to the golf ball by holding down on the A button, and then use the swing meter to determine how strong you will hit the ball. This is really important! If you go too far past the shaded area, you will end up sending the ball in an area you don’t want it. Be careful!

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    More Wii Golf Tips

    The training areas in the Wii Sports game include three different areas to really get your game better. Be sure to play these and you will become better. Practice makes perfect!

    In Wii Sports, you will see a detailed version of the map before each shot. Be sure to note how many dots are marked on the line in the map. This is the amount of how many dots you will want to fill on your swing meter.

    After you’ve mastered your swing with these Wii golf tips, why not give the Wii Sports Baseball a try?