iPhone Game Review: Adrenaline Golf

Adrenaline Golf iPhone Game Review – Graphics (5 out of 5)

Before I go into the details of the Adrenaline Golf’s game play, let me just begin this review by discussing the game’s graphics. Let me just say that the game’s graphics are simply fantastic. Adrenaline Golf is said to be the first iPhone app that fully utilizes the iPhone 3GS’ graphics prowess. The 3D game environment was nicely rendered. The game animation, especially when you hit the ball and it plummets in the direction you set it to, the game is definitely one of the best iPhone games in terms of graphics and animation.

The game’s 72-game environment, or should I say golf courses, are beautifully rendered and will certainly make you want to play the game over and over.

Adrenaline Golf iPhone Game – Game Play and Features (4 out of 5)

Upon firing up the app, you will be given four types of game modes, namely Classic, Star Hunter, Crazy Challenge and Multiplayer. The Classic game mode is a simple mini golf that tasks you with getting the ball in the hole. Pretty easy right? But the thing is, you must do the required tasks with as few strokes as possible to achieve a score below par.

Star Hunter adds more fun and challenge to the Classic game mode by requiring you to catch all the stars scattered on the course before potting the ball into the course hole. Of course, you must try to do this in as few strokes as possible, as well. The good thing is that the balls are placed strategically on the course so you can plan out how to hit them with as few strokes as possible.

Crazy Challenge, as its name suggests, is a crazy idea for a golf game. At the start of the game you are given seven strokes and every time you complete a course you’ll get extra three strokes. So the key to completing all the courses in this game mode is again to pot the ball into the hole in a few strokes as possible.

Multiplayer is the game’s online mode where you can pick your team mates or select a random team which will be done by the game for you.

Adrenaline Golf iPhone Game – Controls and Sounds (4 out of 5)

The game gives you two ways to hit the ball – to either use the drag or flick approach for setting your ball’s direction and strength of hit or by tapping on a direction and strength of hit approach. The first option is obviously designed for the more advanced players while the second option is geared for the amateur players or those who want an easier time playing the game. I prefer using the second option because I’m too lazy to use the first one.

The only gripe about the game control is not so much on how you execute your shots but rather in controlling the speed of your ball as it approach the hole. It’s good for long shots but when it comes to making short or weak shots especially when you are near the hole, sometimes you can’t help but hit the ball to hard making you miss the hole. The stroke meter is hard to use when you need to take a weak shot because your finger will block the meter.

Another thing is the weirdly designed courses where it seems impossible to score a birdie. Most of the times you’ll end up scoring less than par since you’d need many strokes to pot the ball.

Our Verdict (4 out of 5)

For graphics and animation, Adrenaline Golf definitely tops our list. The game features great level design and smooth game animation. We could not say anything less than that. Game play-wise, the game has a lot to offer although there is still some room for improvement.

Overall, this game is highly recommended and a good follow-up to another iPhone Golf game we reviewed before. It’s currently on sale at the iTunes Apps Store so you better get it now while it’s still cheap.


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