Cabal Online Review

Cabal Online Review
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Review of Graphics (3 out of 5)

Most people who look up Cabal Online reviews read great things about the graphics. Most reviewers are a little to generous though. The graphics in Cabal Online are not bad, but they are not up to par with the top tier of MMOs. The character and enemy designs are nice,

and there is variety to the landscape, but overall the graphics in this 3-d game are a little lacking and boring. There is one major plus to the graphic of Cabal Online to dig it out of mediocrity: the graphics work smooth with no framerate issues on even the average Joe’s computer. With it being a free MMO, keeping it accessible to players without great computers is a definite plus. Also if you play the game long enough to see the longest sequence of combos and skills you get treated to some absolutely amazing graphical displays of your characters destructive warrior prowess. One last notable thing about Cabal Online’s graphics is how spooky the bosses are. I get anxious just looking at the creepy monsters. After a few butt-kicking combos that wears off though.

Cabal boss

Review of Audio (2 out of 5)

This Cabal Online review of the game’s audio has two major aspects: normal game audio and the jukebox. The game has some decent music and sound, but it isn’t very varied and can quickly get old. Before it gets repetitive the game does offer a few memorable tunes that really set the ambiance for the different parts of Nevareth you venture to. The creators of the game combat the short longevity of the music’s lifespan with a really great idea that can be tailored to any gamer. How does Cabal Online let anyone have the perfect music to suit their needs? Cabal Online allows you to have your own personal in game jukebox to play your own music while you slay some of the fiends of Nevareth. I remember muting my TV back in the day and listening to a CD or the radio as I played my favorite game, the jukebox system gives you an easy and fun way to have that same type of experience.

Review of Controls (3 out of 5)

Cabal Online has a really easy user interface, the characters are responsive and it is simple and easy to do whatever you need to do. Sometimes, once you’re at the higher level of combos, timing your combos can be difficult, but that isn’t a control issue as it is a way to keep you on the toes and have some fun with the gameplay of Cabal Online. There is not much else to say, the game is simple in this department, but it does its job well.

Review of Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Cabal Online claimed to revolutionize the combat in MMOs. Well it didn’t quite do that. Cabal Online gameplay is fun and does have some really nice innovative twists to it though. One of my favorite parts of Cabal Online is its awesome Combo System. The combo system has players time extra attacks after an initial attack to make the combat interactive and much more effective. This really helps to keep the players form getting bored with the standard one click grind-fest. One of my favorite console rpg games of all time was always The Legend of Dragoon and this has some similarities to it as far as keeping you involved in all of the action. The longer you get into the gameplay the more complex it gets. This is great because even with this excellent system timing the same attack over and over again would get old. Cabal Online gameplay will reward you by adding an extra strike onto your combo attack every time you level up enough times. Once you’re in the higher levels the combos and skills look really impressive and are a lot of fun to watch your character execute.


Review of PvP (4 out of 5)

Cabal Online gameplay has a unique PvP system with the release of the Lord of War expansion. The Lord of War PvP system rewards the top players of the server each week with unique titles and bonuses. The PvP system in Cabal Online gameplay has players gaining “honor” for killing special monsters in PvP zones and winning duels. The player can also lose some of their “honor” and therefore PvP ranking by crafting certain items and doing thing like sneak attack PKing. It is an interesting twist on Cabal Online gameplay that keeps the player coming back for more.

Review for Overall (3 out of 5)

Cabal Online reviews at a 3 for it’s total package. The gameplay wasn’t quite enough to pull it up above average ranking. While Cabal Online gameplay makes the game stick out a little bit there are a few to many cons holding it back. Pacing is a pretty big issue in Cabal Online. Many players will lose interest and quit before they get to the great gameplay because of the pacing. Likewise, those that do stick it out will have there fun come to a sudden hault once they hit level 100 and have no real quests to help. They almost had a plus with the implementation of a captcha system. It sounds like a great idea to use those distorted image passcodes to fight spam, yet somehow it doesn’t work. There is always in game spam to other sites, and if you’re using multiple characters it is a hell of a hasle and that’s a definite way to lower the Cabal Online Review score.