Browser MMO RPGs: eDragon Online Review

Browser MMO RPGs: eDragon Online Review
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eDragon Game Basics (4 out of 5)

eDragon features a number of areas you can explore and a huge number of quests to take part in. You an easily get to quests by clicking the go button on the quest screen and your character will move to that location. Once the quest is over you will return t your original location to collect your reward provided you succeeded in the quest that was given to you. Play as a human, dwarf, barbarian, elf, halfling, or half elf. Play through instances for extra challenge in the game. Start your own guild or join an existing one for added game play. Visit the capital and enter the arena to challenge other players in the game.

The Capital (4 out of 5)


At the capital, you can perform many different tasks before you go out on your adventure. The arena is where you’ll want to go to take parting PvP battles when you’re not doing quests in the game. Visiting the pub will give you some daily tasks to accomplish such as winning three matches in the arena. At the capital, you can join one of the many guilds in the game or start your own. The capital has a warehouse where you can store any excess gear you have. Visit the material shop to buy new armor or weapons. Go to the blacksmith to refine your weapons and make them better. Use gold at the inn to heal yourself and recover energy points. The capital puts al your basic RPG tasks in one place so you’ll be visiting this area often as you play the game. On the bottom of your screen, you can also access the capital building though the menu there.

Your Character (3 out of 5)

Like many RPG games, you can choose a class and a race. In the game, you can equip various skills for your character and level them up as you play. Your player has three main statistics strength, agility, and constitution. This is all average RPG elements here but the skills do give you something work at. As you play the game, you will also move up in position. You’ll start as a private and then move up to an officer and so on. Pets are new to the game and you can use one during your battles if you like.

Quests (5 out of 5)


The game has a huge number of quests to accomplish which will keep you very busy. There’s no “quests” button, which is odd, instead you find the quests within a chat window. It would be easier if the game just featured a quests list instead of hiding the quests in a window. You can click current quests or just fight monsters from the quests window. The game makes questing easy since you can click on the “go” button on the quests and move to that location instantly without running around and trying to find it on the game map. Quests are also right at our level of slightly above you in the game. Once you finish a quest, you can stay in the area if you like and battle any monster you find there for some quick experience.

Game Play (3 out of 5)


While the game has plenty of areas to explore and a great number of quests the game play is just average. During combat, you can’t control your character so it all comes down to your statistics. Combat is the same thing repeatedly regardless of whom you are fighting. Arena combat can be fun but that too suffers from the same average game play. You visit many different locations and battle different NPCs but it’s still the same. After you visit enough areas of the game, you have seen it all and there’s nothing really left to do except join a guild maybe or do some arena matches. This is an average browser RPG in terms of the overall game play.

Graphics/Sound (3 out of 5)

eDargaon features a nice soundtrack but that is about it for sounds. During combat, you’ll here some thuds and other basic effects. The graphics look decent enough and the animated combat is welcome despite the fact that it’s very plain. The game areas are nicely colored and there’s variety in the scenery. Average graphics for a browser game and below average sounds greet you in eDragon.

Interface/Multiplayer (3 out of 5)

The game has a decent interface and it’s easy to play eDragon. The areas of the map are clearly labeled and the game event takes you to the area you need to be in to complete a quest. The game features average multiplayer elements with the ability to join or create your own guild. You’ll also find a good chat interface in the game with guild, world, and private chat features

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

eDragon has plenty of quests and there’s some character customization elements but it ends up being just another average browser based RPG game. You’ll have fun if you like RPGs in general but don’t expect much from this title.


All images from eDragon Online.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing eDragon Online.