Underrated MMOs: Xblaster – What is it, Why is it popular

Underrated MMOs: Xblaster – What is it, Why is it popular
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What is Xblaster?

Xblaster is a free 2D browser-based MMO set in a space fiction universe where players fight within giant armored Mechs. Players decide to battle on Earth or Mars and enter an enclosed arena to blast away at opponents. In this creative MMORPG from Bigpoint the creators of Gladius2, Dark Orbit, Space Invasion, and Seafight players are in a PvP environment. They must use a variety of weapons to destroy others and earn points with the objective to eventually level up into the next league.

What can you do in Xblaster?

Xblaster players can fight in the battle arena, complete solo missions, participate in radical tournaments, face off in a one-on-one duel, chat with others, or join a clan. You can enter the battle arena for some gun blazing fun at any time. There is also a feature that lets players accept missions like destroy an enemy Mech in an allotted amount of time. The majority of missions are timed. Completing a mission will earn a player credits. Credits are used to buy equipment, weapons, armor upgrades for your Mech, and access to bonus features. Players can participate in scheduled tournament to show the masses their skills. If you prefer a more challenging combat duels are available. Fight a random person or sign-up for a private duel with a fellow Xblaster buddy. The social aspect of Xblaster lets users customize their profile with a picture and various stat information. Other players can look at your profile and send you a message. A chat feature permits users to start conversations with each other. Groups can also be formed in what Xblaster refers to as a clan.

Create the Ultimate Clan – Battle for Supremacy

Clans are groups of Mechs that battle together. Players can create their own clan or join an already formed clan. Members enter the arena to fight other clans in Xblaster tournaments. Each victory paves the road for your clan to reign as the planet’s supreme. Xblaster players revel in being part of a powerful Mech clan in their chosen domain of Earth or Mars. Becoming a force to reckon with is one of primary activities in the Xblaster community.

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Optional Subscription Model

For additional weaponry upgrades Xblaster incorporates select bonus packages and the ability to purchase credits. Premium packages come with an allotted amount of credits and special features. The premium packs varies from the Silver or Advantage Pack at $35.99 to the Premium Gold Pack for $59.99 USD. Individual credits can be purchased at the 3,000 level for $3.99, 11,000 level for $12.99, 29,000 level for 29.99, 60,000 level for $59.99, or the 130,000 credit level at $99.99 USD. Players can also earn credits through successful completion of solo missions.

Xblaster is pure and simple shoot-em up fun. Players get to escape into another world transforming into a giant Mech Assaults blasting away at opponents. Similar to a Transformer players can form their own clan and challenge others in a fierce battle. Duels, tournaments, chats, and the opportunity to level up into the next league keeps users returning to Xblaster daily. The simple gameplay allows players additional time to socialize or conquer others. Xblaster is loaded with engaging missions that can be completed solo or in a group (clan) of your friends. The extensive amount of weapons which range from missles to deadly grenade launchers gives shooter fans an exciting environment as well as an active MMO community.