Bots Review: A Mech Combat MMO

Bots Review: A Mech Combat MMO
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Enter A Corrupted Digital World

In Acclaim’s Bots players enter a corrupted digital world plagued by vicious robotic viruses. Deep in Cyberspace dutiful Bots have been working peacefully transporting valuable data and eliminating harmful viruses for years. As the demand for more information increased Bots were unable to keep up. Sectors in Cyberspace started overflowing with infected data. This pile up caused a breech in the Main Core releasing sinister viruses. These viruses would creep into mild-mannered bots turning them into evil Virus Bots set on destruction. Stop the contaminated sectors from polluting the digital world. Join your friends and wage war on virtual ground in this free MMO.

Summon The Bots

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There are three different types of Bots known as Patch, Surge, and Ram. Each Bot has a variety of special abilities that sets it apart from others. Patch bots were chiefly manufactured for construction purposes. When the Virus Bots invaded they were reconstructed for combat. Strength and the ability to administer heavy blows make this Bot a powerful piece of machinery. Unlike the Patch bots Surges were created solely for combat. Surge bots have the ability to maneuver around rugged terrain using a special antigravity cyber insulated core. They also are equipped with cutting-edge lasers capable of slicing through any form of metal. The Ram bots are multipurpose. Designed to crush and dispose of any object they feature a special arm. This arm has concealed weapons to aid in battle.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

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In Bots Online players start off in the Training Camp. Here you learn how to operate your mech warrior and all of the standard controls. After your short tutorial players are free to battle and explore. There are three basic gameplay modes in Bots. Sector mode faces the players against the viruses. There are 31 stages that players can conquer solo or with up to 8 other players in a group. Users earn valuable experience and Gigas with each kill. Both aid in upgrading your Bot and leveling up. Items can also be collected. It’s a team effort in Base mode. Players form alliances with friends to battle other teams in Cyberspace or have a one-on-one face off with your fierce archenemy. In Battle mode players join forces in an intense PvP battle against an opposing guild. Bots is a fun action packed MMO.

Graphics & Sound (4 out of 5)

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Bots is 3D animated MMO. All of the graphics are nicely done. The details in each environment add to the visual appeal and fantasy themed storyline. Bright and dark neutral colors contrast depicting a cartoonish cyber world where robots rule. Micro Cities, Macro Docks, and dangerous Heated Core areas create a diverse virtual environment to explore. Players get to travel through varied terrains during their adventure. The sound effects are great. Gigas cling when they hit the ground. The sound of heavy robotic armor clashing can also be heard. The game features an upbeat techno rock soundtrack that gets the adrenaline pumping as you battle your way through the levels.

Gold Bot Transpack - Optional Subscription Model -

Like most MMO action games there is an optional subscription model available for members. Although, Bots Online is a free MMO Acclaim coins are used as real currency throughout the game. Gigas another currency in the game can be earned to buy certain items but coins must be purchased for others. In Bots there is an item shop where players can buy parts to customize their character, weapons, skill packs, or purchase a mini-bot companion to assist in combat. Magical head pieces and sturdy body armor upgrades increase overall performance in battles. Items like the Sylica Packs restores health while the Robot Pack brings back knocked out teammates during combat. Various Skill Packs are purchased to supercharge your counter attacks and upper-cuts. Coins are available in bundles of 1005 for $10, 2010 for $20, 3015 for $30, 5025 for $50, and 10050 coins for $100 USD. If players invite a friend they receive a 7 day Gold Bot Transpack as a gift as well.

BOTS - Overall Rating (4 out of 5)

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Bots is a solid MMO game that players of all ages will find entertaining. The unusual storyline deeply rooted in science fiction brings the robotic world to life. Impressive 3D animated graphics compliment the massive virtual environment. Bots Online has a friendly MMO community of devoted gamers who take full advantage of the PvP gameplay. A streamlined interface featuring a convenient friend list, message options, integrated map, and guild information simplifies things. Simple controls, endless levels, and non-stop battles make Bots the game to play. Start your incessant crusade to stop the menacing Virus Bots and evoke harmony back into the sectors once again.