Review: Browser MMO Game: Freesky Online. Game features, your economy, building your empire

Review: Browser MMO Game: Freesky Online. Game features, your economy, building your empire
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Freesky Online Features

Freesky Online is a very impressive browser game. It features loads of great content and plays like a PC game. The game features four main factions The Divine Hall, Deity Church, Cursed Temple, and Shadow Church. Players can build a wide variety of airships and take to the skies around their city, fight NPC armies, or each other. The game has a deep economy as well as great combat with the airships.

Your Economy (5 out of 5)

Freesky features a number of resources that the player needs to build up to be successful in the game. These resources include wood, sandstone, food, metal, and crystal. Food is used to sustain the population and sandstone is used for building construction. The other resources are needed to build the airship parts for your armies. On the outside of your city you can build the mines, farms, and mills for your economy. On the inside can construct buildings to refine the raw goods. These buildings should be the first thing any new player upgrades so your economy can run smoothly.

Empire Building: Your Castle, Market, and Technology (5 out of 5)

Your City In Freesky

The castle is your main building and the only one you will start out with and acts as the center for your growing empire. The castle is built on a crystal that supplies power to your entire city. You can upgrade your castle and use technology to expand your empire and gain new cities.

The market in Freesky Online is very important to your success. At the market you can sell your ship parts and extras resources and in exchange receive gold and more importantly experience points. These points can be used to expand your empire with technology. You can also gain these experience points engaging in combat. Using the market is one of the only ways you can get gold for your empire besides combat. Gold is used to upgrade buildings in the game so your economy is vital to your expansion goals.

Another large part of Freesky Online is your technology. You have several technology institutes in the game including military, cultural, and natural. Each building provides different sets of technology for your empire. You have military for your armies, natural for production increases, and cultural for expansion. At these buildings you can use your points to upgrade different technologies.

Armies and Ship Building (5 out of 5)

Freesky Online

Freesky Online allows you to build airships and engage them in combat. You have two shipyards you can construct a light shipyard and a heavy shipyard. The light shipyard builds fighter and recon units while the heavy ship yard builds your more powerful capital ships like battleships and cruisers. Each new ship type takes different technology that you can upgrade with your points at your technology centers to unlock the different ships.

Another cool aspect of Freesky Online is the ability to build individual parts for each ships. This includes things such as engines, sails, and weaponry. You have three different plants that produce parts for your airships and consume resources in the building process. You cannot build any ships without the parts from these buildings.

Game Maps (5 out of 5)

Freesky NPC Combat

This game also has a host of neat maps you can use. The first two maps give you a view of your city and include a street view of all your buildings and a city view that shows your production centers and your growing city. You will switch between these two views often as you build up your empire.

The other maps give you views of the world. The big map shows you your location in the world and any surrounding cites you own. At the top of the screen in the corner you will find a smaller map and you can view the locations of other players next to you. You can zoom in and out and there is a nice radial menu for common tasks in your city. Here you can form up your army and send it off to do battle. The world map gives you a view of the entire world and more importantly allows you to view the NPC cites you can attack on the map.

Heroes and Combat Mode (5 out of 5)

Battle Mode

You can assign heroes to your armies and use them in combat. Heroes can be recruited in your tavern. Once you engage in combat you will enter the battle mode of the game and get an impressive view of the battle taking place. The battle view is really nice and a welcome change from text combat you get in many other browser games.

Freesky Game Play Impressions (5 out of 5)

Freesky Ships

While the graphics in this game are not outstanding they surpass many other strategy browser games. Clouds and ships can be seen moving across your city and the combat mode is quite impressive for a browser game. The game gives the player many structures to build and the airships are really fun with the individual parts they need to be completed. You feel like you are accomplishing something and not just making a generic ship.

This game has many things to its favor including the ship building features, economy, and maps. There is a nice tutorial at the beginning of the game for new players to get accustomed to this fun and challenging game. There is also a help button in the game that will take you to a large manual explain the various parts of the game. I found the tutorial to be easy to follow and fun to play through. It even guides you through the process of founding a new city in the game.

Freesky Online will keep any strategy gamer occupied for hours with its great gameplay. It is also not too complicated and it can be learned quickly but you do need to put some time into it and it is not as casual as some other browser games. You can expect to be attacked fequently if you don’t have a decent sized army.

Tips For Beginners

  • Make use of the tutorial provided for you and do each building mission. You will be a better player and it will teach you about the game.
  • Focus on your economy in the beginning and not on ships. You need a large economic base to build your ships.
  • You can gain more experience points for technology upgrades by selling resources in your market or engage in combat.
  • Be sure to build the three technology buildings so you have access to all the upgrades in the game.
  • You can only enter certain NPC areas if you are at the right game level.


Freesky Site

Freesky Online is a very good browser based game that has as many features as some full PC strategy games. Both the economy and combat modes in this game are well done and very fun to play. If you like strategy games but don’t like the long installs and downloads of typical PC games, I would give Freesky Online a try it is well worth it.