Browser Game Review: Penguin Farmer Grow Crops at the north Pole

Browser Game Review: Penguin Farmer Grow Crops at the north Pole
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Penguin Farmer Basics

Penguin Farmer is a web based browser game that has farming as the theme. The penguins at the north pole are growing crops to help feed the world’s hungry and it is up to you to help them out. Players have a field where they can plant, grow, and harvest crops. The field is also full of obstacles such as ice and frost that the player can eliminate by using cash from the sale of harvested crops. Players can sell their crops to quest givers or they can sell them in the game marketplace with other players. There is also a penguin who will harvest all your crops for you so you don’t really need to do any work. There are many various crops you can grow and a few decorations are available for your field. There are game competition where you can compete with other players for trophies by harvesting the most crops. You can find these competitions in the town area of the game. Some areas of the game are not accessible yet so you should see new content added to the game soon.

Game Interface (4 out of 5)

Penguin Farmer

Penguin Farmer has an easy to use interface and looks good for a browser game. Although it isn’t quite as involved as games such as Farmville on Facebook it is still fun to play. You will start the game with carrot and radish seeds that you can plant in your fields which arelocated in the middle of your screen. At the top you will find the multiplant tool, watering can, and harvest tool. You can use the penguin to harvest your crops all you really need to do is water them. At the bottom of the screen is the penguin who will harvest your plants for you and the quest givers who require a certain amount of plants provided for them. The sled will take you into the town where you can visit the marketplace, see the leader boards, and view screenshots of other players farms. You can get back to your farm by clicking the flower icon located on the ice shelf to the left. If you pay for a premium account you will have access to more gardens for planting crops. At the top right you can access your profile, upload your own avatar, and see your current level.

Growing Crops (3 out of 5)

Penguin Farmer

Planting and harvesting crops in Penguin Farmer is a very simple process. On the left is your ice shelf where you will find some seed jars when you first begin the game. You simply take the seed out of the jar and place it on an empty field plot. The seeds will take sometime to grow and you can water them to help the process along. The quest givers at the bottom of the page will show you the number of each plant that they require so you can tailor your planting to those quests if you want but it is not necessary you can also sell your crops in the game marketplace. In the town area you can visit the farm if you want to buy more seeds.

South Poleville The Town (3 out of 5)

Penguin Farmer

You can take your dogsled into the game town and visit the various buildings there. If you click on the flower icon to the left you can quickly get back to your home fields. Let’s take a look at each area of the town and see what they do for you.

Bus Stop - This displays the game map, other town is not available yet.

City Gallery - View the farms of other players in the game.

Marketplace - This is the hub of trade. Sell your crops to other players for game cash.

Convention Center- Take part in game competitions for trophies and other prizes.

City Hall - View the leader boards and see how you stack up against the other farmers in the game.

Farm - Buy other seeds for planting.

Trees - Not available yet.

Old McPenguins - Buy decorations and other items for your farm.

Overall Gaming Impressions (3 out of 5)

Penguin farmer is a very basic farming game and doesn’t have a whole lot of options as far as farming goes. The graphics for the fields are not the greatest but overall the game does look good. Planting and harvesting crops are about as simple as it gets. I think the game could use some more robust quests as the ones provided are just harvesting x number of crops and there is no story involved. There are not many decorations for your farm so your decoration options are quite limited. The obstacles on the farm will take quite a bit of cash to remove so it will be some time before your farm looks the way you want it to. The only reason I give this game a positive rating is that it is very easy to play but at the same time it is very limited in depth. Penguin Farmer can be fun but it needs some work before it becomes a great farming game.