Kung Foo! Hero Quest Guide: Your first moments as a Hero trainee

Kung Foo! Hero Quest Guide: Your first moments as a Hero trainee
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Becoming a Hero in Kung Foo!

So you want to be a hero? Well, in Kung Foo!, being a hero takes a lot of work - a lot of thankless work, if you ask some veteran heroes. That’s OK, though - this guide is here to help you harness your Foo to your full potential and breeze through your Hero Quests with ease.

Why do the Hero quests? The hero quests are the main storyline of Kung Foo!, which means they are the bread and butter of all the game’s quests. This also means that these quests give the most experience, and level you up the fastest, than any other type of quest Kung Foo! has to offer. Hero Quests also unlock crafting and other important character functions.

If nothing else, there’s one last reason to do the Hero Quests in Kung Foo! - they’re drenched in humor and satire.

All you’ll need to start is creating a character, and then you can get to work!

Finding Your Foo

The first part of your Hero Quest comes from Major Quest, an NPC standing right in front of you after you first log in on a new character. If you already started and skipped him, Major Quest is in Panda Province at (-77, 24).

Talk to Major Quest and tell him “I’m here about a quest,” and then select “Find Your Foo.” Notice the quest name is in gold - all hero quests are gold in color. This quest will send you to meet many NPCs in town, and will get you a little extra starting gear.

If you’re new to Foo!, one helpful part for many quests is that you can “auto-route” to any quest NPC. Just pull up your quest log (Q key), select the quest, and click on the green name in the second box on the right - it will say “Target NPC,” and then give the location.

You will need to visit these NPCs in order:

  1. Blacksmith Dert (-56,-60) - the southwest corner of town
  2. Apothecary Reberen (-80, -60) - the southwest corner of town, across the street from Blacksmith Dert
  3. Tailor Stephar (-58, -71) - the southwest corner of town, next to Blacksmith Dert
  4. Merchant Andrell (-59, -89) - the southwest corner of town, across the street from Tailor Stephar
  5. Enchanter Brey (42, -78) - the southeast corner of town
  6. Forger Aly (24, -59) - the southeast corner of town, across the street from Enchanter Brey
  7. Innkeeper Chick (85, 16) - inside the Inn of the Golden Arches, outside the east town walls

Once you’ve spoken with Innkeeper Chick, you will complete “Finding Your Foo.” Make sure to equip any new equipment you got while visiting these NPCs before proceeding.

Test of Strength


Speak again with Innkeeper Chick, and she will offer a new quest for you: “Test of Strength.” For this quest, you will be asked to kill 10 Bunnies - yes, bunnies!

You can find bunnies just outside of town, on any side. They’ll be really close to the town, and be mixed in with Civet Cats. Kill ten of these darling creatures, and return to Innkeeper Chick. She’ll be shocked that you actually went through with it, and the quest completion will reward you with a Bunny Souljade item, which allows you to transform into a Bunny for up to 24 hours after being used.

Obtain Qualification

Speak with Innkeeper Chick once more, and she will offer you the “Obtain Qualification” quest. Your next task for her will be to kill 20 Squirrels.

Like bunnies, squirrels surround all sides of the town. The easiest group to get to is southeast of the Inn of the Golden Arches, at around (296, -12). If you’re confused as to what a Squirrel looks like, they have short tails, a Chinese style hat, and a pick-axe.

When you’ve completed this task, return to Innkeeper Chick again for your reward.

Proving Your Courage


The next step is to speak again to Innkeeper Chick, and obtain the “Proving Your Courage” quest. This time, Innkeeper Chick will ask you to find the Imperial Gold Medal, which Bober lost to a Jackrabbit.

Jackrabbits can be found in the same area as squirrels, and are a little tougher to kill. This time, you’re looking for a special drop, which will be automatically looted to you when it appears. Luck may not be on your side, so continue killing Jackrabbits until your quest log shows that you have obtained the medal.

When you do get the medal, head to Bober at (75, 13), who is inside the Inn of the Golden Arches, towards the back (beneath the stair well.) Return the medal to him, and then return again to Innkeeper Chick for your reward.

Proving One’s Wisdom


Yet again, you must speak to Innkeeper Chick for your next quest, “Proving One’s Wisdom.” She will send you to speak with Vanity at (14,28), in the northeast corner of town.

Vanity will be vain, of course, but send you off to find thieves in the north west. Thieves are all over the area labelled “Peg Leg Pang’s Pagoda” in the northwest of Panda Province, around (-285, 175). Your goal here is to obtain 20 Feral Boar Hides. Like the Imperial Gold Medal, hides will automatically be looted to you, so kill Thieves until you get your 20, then return to Vanity.

Once you’ve given the hides to Vanity, return again to Innkeeper Chick for your reward.

Chivalrous Heart

Careless Thief

Innkeeper Chick will send you on your third trial in Panda Provice, called “Chivalrous Heart.” She will ask you to help her friend Genniel, who is located in Lotus Ridge of Panda Province, (207, -382.) Genniel, in turn, will send you after Careless Thieves to retrieve his House Deed.

Careless Thieves can be found around the Bandit Villa in the southwest of Panda Province, around (-320, -185). Just like the quest for the Imperial Gold Medal, you only need one deed, so keep killing until you get the item, then return to Genniel. Note that this is a small area, so if more than one person is here, you may wish to party up. Also note that there are Hoodlums here, which you will not need to fight yet and may overpower you.

Once you return the deed, return again to Innkeeper Chick for your reward.

Forge Skill & Refine Skill

Armor Piercing Spear Recipe

Speak with Innkeeper Chick, who will send you to speak with Forger Aly in the village. When you speak with Aly, she will teach you about crafting, and then hand you a recipe for an Ashen Spear. She then asks you to make one to prove you understand your lesson.

Find the recipe in your bags and right click to learn it, then open up the crafting interface (“o” key). You will be able to see the Spear under the weapons menu. After hunting things, you probably have more than enough Dull Metal Blocks to make the spear (you’ll need 5); if not, just go hunt some creatures outside of town until you get them.

You’ll also need Pig Lump Iron. To get this, visit Merchant Andrell in the southwest corner of town, and purchase one from him for 36 c.

Once you’ve forged the weapon, take it to Innkeeper Chick. Once again, Innkeeper Chick will give you your next quest, “Refine Skill.” Speak with her, then head to Enchanter Brey in the village, who will teach you about refining, and send you back one final time to Innkeeper Chick.

At this point, you should be level 10, and have two quests open to you - “Sharing in the Danger” from Innkeeper Chick, and “Report to the Major” which will be automatically added to your quest log. Grab both, and prepare for part two of your Hero adventures!