Knights of Dream City Preview and Game Play: Recent Updates for Knights of Dream City

Knights of Dream City Preview and Game Play: Recent Updates for Knights of Dream City
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Knights of Dream City Back Story

In the year 2025, a legion of cybernetic creatures began to appear around the world. Humanity stood in the way of their goals and a mass evacuation resulted in global destruction. The world as the humans knew it was destroyed with a population loss of 70%. Some of the remaining humans began rebuilding society and through advanced science and technological study, developed biotech suits. These suits redistributed energy on impact and gave the humans a superhuman like ability. As the cybernetic creatures numbers grew to 350 million legion forces, the humans continued to develop their suits.

A human city surrounded by an energy field, lost beyond space and time allowed the humans some sanctuary with the ability to teleport to other parts of the world at specific points in time. No one knows what brought the legion to Earth or what they want. Only that the humans stand in their way.

Knights of Dream City Game Play and Features

Star Fusion and New Source Gaming have developed this sci-fi MMORPG where gamers can build their own colonies and even collect taxes from their colonists. Players can also build structures to increase their colony’s earning potential. Check out OGame, another Sci-Fi MMO where players colonize planets. Knights of Dream City features a weekly ranking system where players can compete and earn VIP tokens, which can be exchanged for rare items. There are four different classes to choose from in Knights of Dream City. They are:

  • Strider Hawk

  • Devastator

  • Pulsator

    KoDC Sci-Fi MMORPG

  • Dream Knight

Skills get more powerful as players level up. These skills include:

  • Projection – Long-range plasma attacks
  • Kinetic – Short-range aura energy bursts
  • Phaser Blaster – Weapon skill
  • Saber – Weapon skill

Knights of Dream City also features an advanced crafting system including these professions:

  • Engineers – Those who can develop parts for Pharmacy and Fusion.
  • Pharmacists – Those who can make med/energy packs used for recovery.
  • Scientists – Those who are able to do some Pharmacy and Engineering, but are best at Fusion. Fusion allows them to make crystals. Both crystals and med/energy packs fetch decent Mira (in-game money) at the trade market.

Quests in Knights of Dream City are separated into three categories. These are:

  • Combat Missions – Where players defeat legion sentinels for a mission item.
  • Group Missions – Where gamers form groups to defeat Gigas sentinels which are too difficult to kill solo. Group missions mean extra experience (XP) and better rewards.
  • Exploration Missions – Which are story-oriented quests. A great way to earn XP and Mira without having to battle the legion.

In addition to questing, the Knights of Dream City PvP (player versus player) combat system allows gamers to earn PvP medals.

Recent Updates for Knights of Dream City

As the game was released in late 2009 the developers have been ironing out the bugs and improving the game play. Recent updates include a price slash for the cost of the game and the opportunity for partners to host their own server. Once purchased, Knights of Dream City is free to play forever, and currently the developers are offering an extra access code so a friend can play for free.

They have also recently added an extra exploration zone to Dream City Battle Tactics, a detailed strategy game based on the world of Knights of Dream City. If you prefer a Trading Card Game MMO, check out Camon Hero, which is due for release soon.

The minimum system requirements to play Knights of Dream City are:

  • Windows Vista/XP
  • 2.4 GHz Pentium IV or equivalent
  • 1GB RAM (2GB for Vista)
  • 5GB free disk space
  • 128MB 3D video card

Source: New Source Gaming