Game Review: Ceasary MMO Browser Game - Lead Roman legions

Game Review: Ceasary MMO Browser Game - Lead Roman legions
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Game Basics (5 out of 5)

This game is similar to many browser war games but has a few differences that make it stand out. You have resource mining, technology building, heroes, and battles for the game map. The game also includes jobs which you can assign to your population to boost economic production. Your heroes can have divisions of troops assigned to them so for example, you can put your foot soldiers out front and your archers in the back. You can have multiple armies with additional heroes and numerous quests are also found in the game. if you like ancient rome games you’ll enjoy this one.

Economy and Resources (4 out of 5)

Ceasary has a nice resource system with food, wood, stone, iron and sesterces or gold. Many browser games have you upgrade buildings for economic boosts but in this game you need to assign people to work your resources in the form of jobs. You can add more jobs by upgrading your resource mines and farms. If you have idle workers you can assign these to your mines but you must be careful not to run out of these workers or your production will suffer. You can balance the production of your resources via your town center so you are always at one hundred percent and warehouses will hold your excess resources.

Technology (4 out of 5)


Another large part of the game is technology with two main buildings available for doing research. You have the university for economic research such as higher resource production. The other building is the academy where you can research military matters. For example, you can research the ability to use horses at the academy as well as offensive and defensive boosts for your armies. Upgrading different buildings is required to unlock all technology levels.

Heroes (4 out of 5)

The game features heroes much like many other browser based war games but heroes in this game are a bit different. You can assign troops to each hero in the form of divisions. So for example you can have your foot soldiers in front, your cavalry, archers and seize weapons in the back. As you train troops they will sit in a pool until you assign them to your heroes and create armies. Each hero can also be upgraded so they fight better and a consul can be added to look after your cities economy.

Game Map (5 out of 5)

The map for the game is a very pleasant one and easy to use. On the map you will find player cities, resource locations, and NPC cities. You can attack any other player city but it’s a good idea to join an alliance first. Recourse locations will provide you with a boost to your economy if you keep troops there but you will need to defeat any armies first. You may also get loot which can help as you upgrade your ability to hold more cities. NPC cities are quite powerful which will require a significant army before you can defeat those. The map also has rivers and other pleasing features and it’s a real highlight of this game. You can find your cities easily by clicking the icons to the right.


Ceasary has all the makings of a great browser war game. The map is excellent and easy to use with some nice graphic extras such as rivers.It is fun to make divisions of Roman legions and conquer the map and the numerous quests give you something to do as you build up your cities. While the basic browser game format is the same this game is quite fun to play and is recommended.


All images from Ceasary.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Ceasary.