Mythopolis Review - A Free Online Greek Game

Mythopolis Review - A Free Online Greek Game
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Mythopolis Basics (4 out of 5)

Mythopolis follows the same basic browser war game style as titles such as Evony or Grepolis. You have a main starting city which needs to be built up. Mythopolis takes place in ancient Greece so you have access to units from that time period such as the hoplite spearman or Spartans. Resources include the standard wood, food, stone, and instead of iron we have gems in this game. The game also features heroes that can have their statistics upgraded and can also compete in arenas and other competitions for experience. Mythopolis features technology which can be researched to help improve army units as well as powerful defenses including walls, towers, and traps. Players can complete quests for game rewards and resources as well as join alliances as they battle other players across the game map.

Game Economy (3 out of 5)

Mythopolis Free online greek game

Like many browser war games one of the main areas in Mythopolis is the game economy. Without a powerful economy you can’t have a great army. Since the game features a protection period for new players this is a good time to build up your economy. Outside your main city you can build food, wood, stone and gems which are used to build everything in the game from troops to a barracks. Each mine can be upgraded and one you reach level five production can be further increased with mills and workshops. Each mine, mill, and farm is already built you just need to upgrade them to increase production.

Inside the City (4 out of 5)

Inside your city you will build structures including the barracks, academy, silo, warehouse, granary, stable and masonry shop. Each building will help your economy or provide upgrades for your army and are upgradeable. Your city hall building is where you can govern your entire city and assign an archon to improve the economy of your city. You can also impose taxes, enter war mode, and view other areas you control.

Heroes (5 out of 5)

Mythopolis features a nice hero system where not only can you recruit them but you can train tem in arenas and other various competitions. Some of these will cost you game coins which you need to buy while others are free. Your heroes can enter gladiator games for example and compete for experience points and earn duel skills. All heroes can carry equipment such as weapons, armor, shields and other items. The hero system in Mythopolis is nice and gives you something to do with them besides battles on the game map.

General Game Play and Conclusion (3 out of 5)

The free online greek game Mythopolis looks great but one area that needs improvement is the map since the cities are very close together and the map is very plain looking which brings down the value of an otherwise fine browser game. The interface in general is good but the quests window should be vertical with quests down one side instead of the current system which scrolls across the page making it hard to see the ones you have completed. There’s a lot to do in this game and with some graphical upgrades to the map Mythopolis could be even better.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Mythopolis.