Astro Empires Review – Free space games online

Astro Empires Basics (4 out of 5)

Astro Empires

Astro Empires is one of the many free space games you can play through your web browser and is similar to the popular title OGame. Players start with one planet and over the course of time develop the infrastructure of the planet with mines, shipyards, power plants, research facilities and other important buildings. Players can also research powerful technologies on the planet that unlock the multitude of ship types in the game. Other structures can be built too such as barracks and different planet defenses such as missile batteries and laser turrets. As a player you won’t want to go at it alone in this vast galaxy you’ll need friends in an alliance to succeed. You’ll find plenty of people in alliances willing to help you out as you learn this great space MMO war game.

Game Economy (4 out of 5)

Astro Empires

The economy of Astro Empires is run by the use of credits. By making goods the player can increase their overall credits and make more ships in the game. Credits are also used to build and upgrade structures such as shipyards and barracks. Trade routes can also be created between different planets which can further increase the number of credits flowing. By joining alliances you can trade back and forth and have a robust economy for your team. Some structures in the game can also help to increase credit levels.

Technology/Ships (4 out of 5)

Technology also playes a role in the game to build and upgrade ships. You have techs such as missiles, armor, shields, warp drive, stellar drive and many others. Each progressive upgrade will grant the player different ship types to build in the game. Many different ships are also available in the game such as fighters, bombers, destroyers, carriers, frigates, corvettes and many others. The outpost ship can grant you the ability to build a new base on another planet. By upgrading your structures you can unlock more research possibilities too. Some ships such as carriers also give you the ability to carry fighters long distances into battle. Oddly enough like many space games of this nature you will find a Death Star as the top ship you can build which is on loan from Darth Vader.

General Game Play (4 out of 5)

Astro Empires offers some great game play with plenty of different ships, technology, and structures to build. The map is vast with many different galaxies and sectors to explore. You’ll find forums with helpful guides and tables which explain what you need to build everything in the game. The site also has its own Wiki pages where you can learn more about the game. The game doesn’t have any real graphics to speak of except for some basic pictures of the different ship types and graphics for the planets but the game doesn’t need them. There’s enough strategy here to keep players interested for a long time but it isn’t for everyone since you need to wait for things to build in the game. Astro Empires is recommended if you like free space games and empire building.