An Introduction to Cyber Nations

An Introduction to Cyber Nations
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What is Cyber Nations?

Cyber Nations is a free MMO role-playing nation simulation game. This game allows players to create their own nation. It also tests the players skills in expanding their nation and keeping the population happy. According to their home page, the browser-based game has had over 400,000 simulated nations to date.

Creating a Nation

In the creation phase of the game, you choose your ruler name (or username) and the name of your country. Selecting your nation’s attributes such as government type, religion, and currency, also takes place on this page. The location of your nation takes place on a real-world map. There is also the option to write a biography about your nation. Although it has no real effect on game play, you can also choose the dominant ethnicity of your country.

The official government and religion can affect the population’s happiness. There are various government types in Cyber Nations. These include: democracy, monarchy, capitalist, revolutionary. Cyber Nations offers 15 religions to choose as an official religion. If you chose something that your citizens are not happy with, then the game will give hints on what would make the population happy.

Growing Your Nation

Population happiness in Cyber Nations

Many things factor in the growth of your nation’s population, happiness, and income. The major components are: infrastructure, improvements, trading, and technology. Infrastructure includes things such as bridges and roads. For every 1000 citizen, your nation is allowed to purchase an improvement. Improvements include: churches, banks, schools, and hospitals. Trading resources with other countries brings many bonuses for your nation. Some of these bonuses include: purchasing technology at a lower cost, increasing the number of citizens, and buying aircraft at lower costs. Technology increases the strength of your nation. It also reduces the pricing for infrastructure upkeep. A nation with a higher technology will have better weapons and equipment. These are especially important if your nation goes to war.

Going to War

Just like countries in the real world, your nation can go to war. You can declare war on other countries and other countries can declare war on yours. Attacks can come in the form of ground troops, cruise missiles, and aircraft strikes. The outcome of war can include casualties, infrastructure damage, loss of money. Unfortunately, with the loss of soldiers this can cause your nation to go into anarchy. Until your nation is able to bring in soldiers to police the crowds, your government will be in a state of disarray for a few days. If you aren’t keen on being attacked or going to war you can set your nation to Peace mode.

Joining an Alliance

Cyber Nations becomes more interactive when joining an alliance. Alliances are managed outside of the game, usually through private message boards and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels. Although you can play the game on your own, belonging to an alliance brings more involvement in the game. A bonus of joining an alliance is protection in case war is declared on your nation. Members of your alliance can assist by attacking the nation that declared war on your country. Also, if your nation needs financial assistance, being in an alliance can be beneficial in that regard.

This article only touches the surface of Cyber Nations, however more can be learned through playing the game.