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What Is Auction Sniping? Guide – Neopets


Whether you’re bidding on a semi-expensive item on Neopets just hoping to get something you can use, or bidding in real life for something on Ebay you really want, auction sniping is more likely than not the one way you’re going to get outbid. So what IS auction sniping? Find out in this auction sniping guide for Neopets.

In short, auction sniping is a technique for bidding on an item. When you have never bid on an item before and the auction is about to end, bidding in the last few minutes is considered to be sniping. Some people look down on this practice; if you haven’t bid before now, you haven’t invested time into the auction. Bidding in the last few minutes of an auction raises your chances to win the item, especially if the other bidders have logged out for the day or otherwise consider the auction won.

Auction sniping causes one problem and solves another. You get the item you want without having to put hours or even days into watching the auction. On the other hand, you make other bidders feel like they wasted their time and money, even more so if they have themselves invested days in watching the bids.

There are variations to sniping auctions in Neopets. One unique variation is shop sniping. Because shops refresh their stock at set intervals, if you’re fast enough, you can refresh the page and buy expensive items from shops for cheap. Check out this get-rich-quick guide for some idea of items and their prices. Another variant is player-run shop (or Shop Wiz) sniping. This is considered less ethical, because instead of out-bidding players, you’re counting on inexperienced users to price things far lower than they’re actually worth. The goal is to pick items up far below their costs and resell them for far more. That’s the gist of the auction sniping guide for Neopets.

How Do I Snipe Auctions?

There are a few things you need before you can start successfully sniping auctions on Neopets. The first, and most important, is a large stash of Neopoints. Neopoints are the currency that makes the world go round, so obviously you need as much as you can get. First you can start off slow, getting Neopoints through a few cheats. Or, if you feel that’s less ethical, you can do the daily freebies and sell them for cheap, or you can play games and collect points that way. Then again if you’re reading this auction sniping guide for Neopets, you might not be worried about it.

Once you have enough Neopoints, you need to set a target. Decide what items you want to go for. This does two things; it tells you how many Neopoints you need to start bidding, and it helps you get a feel for prices. That’s your second biggest requirement; know your prices. There’s no sense in sniping an auction if you’re over-paying for the item anyways. Set yourself a cap of how much


you’re willing to spend on a given item, and search out auctions that are about to end with a lower price point than that.

The third thing is a fast browser and connection. The most important aspect of auction sniping is the speed of your bid. The faster you can refresh and bid, the closer to the end of the auction you can place your bid, and the more likely you are to win. Just be wary of other auction snipers going for the same item; even you can be outbid.

When it comes to Shop Wiz sniping, knowledge of prices is your greatest ally. How can you recognize good deals if you don’t know prices? On the other hand, for stock shop sniping, you need to know which items are valuable, but even more so you need a fast connection. For stock shops, everyone knows where they are and expect good deals; you just need to be faster than the rest. And that’s that, for the auction sniping guide for Neopets!