Guide to Neopets Brain Tree Quest Answers

What the Brain Tree Wants

One of the oldest quests in Neopets is the Brain Tree. Yet it’s also one of the most negected and most ignored. This is because finding the answer to the Brain Tree’s question is a quest in itself, and sometimes it’s not worth it. So what is it that makes the Brain Tree so

Brain Tree

annoying? It’s all about what the Brain Tree wants. The Neopets Brain Tree Quest answers are two-part. The tree will ask for the time and place of a Neopet’s death. The answers are specific and complicated, something you can’t guess easily. For example:

  • Shawn Brooflemeister: 37 BN Upper Neopia
  • Harry Chiapot: 25 BN Haunted Woods
  • Thomas Eyrie: 32 BN Terror Mountain

So you can see why they would be hard to forge. So how do you get these answers? The key is another entity in the Haunted Woods; the Esophagor.

Feeding the Esophagor

To find the Neopets Brain Tree Quest answers, you need to visit the Esophagor. This gluttonous slime will give you a quest when you talk to him, asking you to find him a specific food item. This item can range from a simple low-cost food item, to a high-end rare food item


that’s near impossible to find. Any item he asks for will come from the list of Spooky Foods. When he gives you his desired dish, you can then go to the shop wizard and find the cheapest one you can. In general, you’ll want to spend less than 6,000 Neopoints on the food items to get some return on your investment from the Brain Tree.

Once you’ve fed the Esophagor, he will give you one part of the Neopets Brain Tree Quest answer. "32 BN" for instance, or "Haunted Woods" as a location. So now you have half the answer; now what? Now you feed the Esophagor a second time. Once you’ve slaked his hunger a second time, he’ll give you the second half of the Brain Tree’s request.

Armed with both halves of the answer, you can now return to the Brain Tree and get your reward!

Reward: Is It Worth It?

Whether or not the Neopets Brain Tree Quest rewards are worth the effort it takes to get the answer depends a lot on luck. It’s possible for the Esophagor to ask for a Scary Soup, which can cost as little as 5 NP. On the other hand, it can ask for something like a Frothy


Fruit Juice, which can cost upwards of 7,000 NP, or Grundo Stix that can cost over 15,000 NP!

So, is it worth it? That, too, depends on luck. The Brain Tree, the first time you do his quest, will reward you with himself as a challenger in the battle dome. If that’s something you want, spend as much as you feel up to for it. If you’ve done the quest before, then he will reward you with an amount of Neopoints somewhere between 1,000-2,000 on average. Sometimes, more, sometimes less. On rare occasions he’ll even award you upwards of 30,000 NP!

He will also reward you with an item. It could be something like the Mummy Baby Petpet, worth 3-4 thousand NP. Or he could reward you with the 300-NP Brain Tree Splinters. So, how worth it the reward is depends on how much you spend and what you get in return. Just remember, you can only do the Brain Tree Quest once every 24 hours!