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Treasure World Preview for DS: Treasure-Hunting Goes Digital!

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Do you love treasure-hunting? Do you like to collect coins, trinkets and various odd things and stack them in your treasure box? If so, you might love Treasure World DS since it recreates the treasure-hunting experience in your DS console.

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    Do You Like Treasure Hunting?

    Kids love treasure-hunting. They love searching for trinkets and coins with their toy detectors. Imagine a DS game that simulates the same treasure-hunting excitement and lets you find treasure by just visiting some Wi-Fi hotspot. Well, there’s one such game called Treasure World DS that revolves around the treasure-hunting theme, but with a unique story and numerous mini-games.

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    Treasure World DS Boxshot The story revolves around an ET named Starsweep who needs stardust to refuel his spaceship that has crash-landed on earth. The task is not easy as stardust can be extracted from treasure stars, which lay hidden and scattered everywhere.

    But, Starsweep has a mechanical bot called Wishfinder, who uses a treasurescope to search for the hidden stardust to help his owner find his way out of the planet. You will have to help Starsweep and his mechanical assistant to search for those treasure stars and re-power the spaceship.

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    The game is designed to attract kids who will love its uniqueness. It has all the aspects of a simulation game as it combines real and virtual worlds together, giving endless entertainment and surprises.

    Treasure World uses Nintendo’s Wi-Fi capabilities to unlock treasure stars and other items, thus giving kids an opportunity to explore the real world. By entering different Wi-Fi hotspots, players can unlock different items. The DS has to be in sleep mode with the transmission mode kept on. By visiting different zones, the game will unlock thousands of items including candy, plant, trees and flowers to name a few. When you open the DS, you will see many exciting treasure added to the game.

    The various items collected through your Wi-Fi adventures can then be used to adore your garden in a separate mode called “Spoils Mode”. This mode has a 2D garden where you can decorate it with your collectibles and show it to your DS friends.

    The Wi-Fi hotspots are not the only way to collect Stardust and other trinkets. There are some great mini-games that allow you to collect these items by solving puzzles. You can also trade treasures with your friend through local DS-to-DS connections.

    Each treasure item is associated with a distinct sound. The items can be used to create your own music and place it in your own 2D garden. There are also preset tunes attached with treasure items. Collecting them and placing them in a correct order can create a new melody. You can share all your tunes with your friends when you connect your DS online. The publisher’s server will show your beautiful garden to all other players.

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    Treasure World DS has the cutest of graphics that will surely appeal kids as well as adults. The 3D characters blend well with the virtual playground. I liked the shadow effects and also the different designs of the treasures. The 2D garden in the Spoils Mode is visually appealing and you will love to decorate it with hundreds of trinkets.

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    Treasure World DS Screenshots

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    Should You Buy Treasure World?

    The inclusion of the Wi-Fi enabled treasure hunt feature is surely a very nice addition to the game. Publisher and developer Aspyr claims there are thousands of unlockable treasures and endless gameplay value. I am really looking forward to play Treasure World DS because I love treasure hunting.