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Learn How to Use R4 Cards for Nintendo DS

by: Avionne Akanbi ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

What is the R4 card's purpose for your Nintendo DS system? Well it's a nifty little storage device that allows you to basically turn your Nintendo DS into a multimedia center.

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    What are R4 cards for Nintendo DS?

    r4 The R4 is a one slot storage device, that is is the same size as a conventional Nintendo DS game. This little extraordinary device, allows gamers to transform their DS system into an iPod, movie player, and internet download device. Now they can save all of your files on your SD card, without the hassle of using the memory of your DS, thanks to the external memory capacity of the R4.

    This is the most popular card for Nintendo DS, DS lite and DSI. Anything with R4 III, or DSTT are not genuine versions. Always look for the UK English type of R4, as these are the most authentic. The size of the R4 is amazing, compared to what it can do as a media center device.This media center feature is the most original and innovative feature of the R4 adapter series. When it is coupled with 2GB MicroSD external memory. This is where the true power of the card is released. If you have ever wanted to download music, play movies, or even surf the web on your DS system, the R4 card will make this happen.

    The adapter brings the Nintendo DS system to life allowing you to transform it for playing your favorite movies, reading eBooks, playing music and surfing the web. It's an innovative hybrid, especially when combined with the external memory. The R4 card has a user friendly drag and drop interface, which allows easy navigation of the files to and from the device, from your computer to your MicroSD card, making it very easy to use.

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    Finally with the R4 Cards, gamers need not worry about installing any additional components or dealing with so many versions of software. This great device allows you to simply plug and play, straight away into your DS with optimal performance. The R4 allows your DS to handle all sorts of digital gaming and entertainment. What else can you exactly do with your R4 card? Well let's see, it can be run applications without any lags or slow downs. It supports any MicroSD card as storage. Use it to drag and drop media files to the Micro SD Card and play on DS. Watch movies directly, and listen to MP3 files,like you would on an iPod. You will be able to read text messages on the DS via Moonshell technology. There is an automatic PassMe or boot card incorporated, so you won't need another external boot device. The navigation is very user friendly, and operated by touchscreen and buttons controls. It comes with upgradable firmware and Moonshell technlogy support. If you wish to change your background and font colors on the Main Menu, you are able to do this both manually and automatically with your R4 card.

    As you can see the R4 card is definitely a "must have" device for your Nintendo DS, which allow you to achieve multiple multimedia features without the cost and the hassle, of other accessories to run the show.

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