Nintendo DS Lite Replacement Top Screen Tutorial

Nintendo DS Lite Replacement Top Screen Tutorial
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How to handle a Nintendo DS Lite Replacement Top Screen

It’s nice to know that the Nintendo DS lite has a double view screen. This can be both a help and a hazard, depending on how well it’s

handled. We all know that sometimes this will happen, which may leave your top screen blurred or slightly cracked. When this happens, you must learn how to fix the top screen, for overall visibility. Depending on your familiarity with technical aspects of personal computers or other small devices, you may find this task moderately challenging. The following are the required tools you will need to finish the job.

  • A Soldering Iron
  • Replacement screen specifically for DS liteNumber 00 Phillips screwdriver
  • Small flathead screwdriver and No. 00 triwing screwdriver and Needle nose pliers

Step by Step Instructions for Replacing a Nintendo DS Top Screen

ds lite top screen

1.First use the Phillips and triwing screwdrivers to pull off the screws on the outer portion of the DS Lite’s lower portion. Then remove the L and R buttons and unscrew the single Phillips screw, which keeps the DS Lite motherboard in it’s place.

2.The needlenose pliers is now needed to unplug the black and white wires, extruding from the DS cartridge slot. Pull up the brown clasp which connects both of the screens, and disconnect the cable.

3.Now remove the two Phillip screws above the D-pad, this allows you to slide the top screen ribbon out of it’s place and push the top screen, to the right to disconnect.

4.Take the flathead screwdriver to remove the four rubber pads on the front portion of the DS Lite’s top portion, and unscrew the four Phillips screws beneath these pads, then pry the opening using the flathead. Now it’s time to remove the screen from your DS. Take the screen out of the front portion, using your fingers and the flathead screwdriver, it may be glued into place, so you will have to use a bit of force.

5.Place your DS microphone to the side, and remove the Wi-Fi cables and the mic by pulling them through the hole, beneath the screen.

6.Roll up the ribbon on the top screen and slide the ribbon through the hole. Notice the position of the four speaker wires that connect to the screen ribbon. This is where we desolder the speakers from the old screen connectors, and proceed to solder onto the connector and the new screen ribbon in the same positions.

7.If your new screen cover is still attached, remove it and place it into the top portion of the DS lite. The glue that was there from before, will secure the screen in place. Now you want to pass the microphone wire and replace the microphone, in the front portion of the DS lite. Please ensure to pass the Wi-Fi antenna, screen ribbon and microphone wire through the hole under the screen, and reassemble the top portion and replace the four screws underneath the rubber pads.

8.Bring the halves of the screen shell together, passing the top screen ribbon back through the slot. Replace the two screws over the D-pad.

9.We are almost there folks. Now reconnect the black and white cables, beside the DS cartridge slot. The black wire should connect to the port on the motherboard base. Put the top screen ribbon back on it’s connector and replace the clasp.

10.Make sure you replace the L and the R buttons, tucking all the wires and springs back in place. Finally reattach the rear of the bottom shell, and replace all the screws. There you have it your top screen for your DS lite has been renewed !

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