Gamers Xbox Review Banjo and Kazookie Nuts and Bolts

Gamers Xbox Review Banjo and Kazookie Nuts and Bolts
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Banjo the bear is back for more fun

Kazooie is here too

The Lord of Games makes an appearance

The Good (4 out of 5)

The characters included in Banjo-Kazookie are wonderful to interact with and play, adding an element of humor that is entertaining and fun, that never stops being fun through the entire game.

The massive world to explore and play in has a free-wheeling feeling to it, you can choose the path you take, and you’re not stuck on one path during game play.

The Bad (4 out of 5)

Banjo-Kazookie is much less of an action game then the earlier titles, most of your time will be spent building new vehicles, which isn’t a terrible thing, but if you’re coming looking for action and combat adventure, then you better go back home.

The graphical picture (4 out of 5)

A bright, fun, and eye-engaging color scheme and palette will get players attention right away as it engages your visual sense in a dance of pain and pleasure.

The frame rate is exceptional, which was amazing for a game with so much physics-based game play, the game stayed steady and clear pretty much through the whole experience.

The visual presentation is excellent for a cartoon world designed to be more visually stunning then real, the environmental objects had pretty nice textures and details that are friendly on the eyes, despite their brightness.

Sounds in the game (4 out of 5)

The music score is excellent and has a nice pace and beat that keeps the energy up while your building, driving, or whatever players are doing.

Same tried and true sound effects that made players laugh and play in earlier titles; goofy noises, a chuckling beat, squawking bird, and no voice overs to listen too.

The story line (3 out of 5)

The story line is pretty basic and seems to serve more as a tie in to the previous games and to attempt to make Banjo-kazookie make a little sense, not that it matters. Players start in Hub World, now called Showdown Town, with a fat and lazy pair of characters, Banjo and Kazookie, who have lost their game ending powers and stamina. The Lord of Games makes an appearance with a new way to play the game of old; with a different game play focus combined the same basic game design. Players will clash with him in a series of challenges that set has set up in Hub World and other worlds. Players collect jiggles, musical notes, and complete challenges as you explore the various environments in the battle with the creator of all video games, The Lord of Games.

Playability (4 out of 5)

The depth of design provides an amazing variety of things to do in these worlds; it’s not a linear story line, so players have freedom to make choices that decide the game play.

Great amount of playability in the car creation game play is the best part, players are be able to spend many an hour just creating different combinations using LEGO type car parts, plus a few to keep them all together. The hundreds of different types of parts allows for outstanding variety for fun, engaging and entertaining game play.

Players have to learn a whole new physics system to create the best vehicles and play in these worlds because they don’t quite work the same here. Two engines will make the car go faster; two springs mean you will bounce higher, playing with the different choices to find the best is part of the fun.

Rare has provided a lot of useful tutorials, partially designed cars, and even unlockable blueprints for players to use, which adds wonderfully to the fun. There’s still a pretty good learning curve despite this, it can be challenging and isn’t really pick up and play easy.

The bottom line (4 out of 5)

Banjo-Kazookie Nuts and Bolts is the best game in the trio of games in the franchise, with great depth of game play, outstanding presentation and visual scoop, and extreme playability. Fans of the series shouldn’t be disappointed with the refreshing changes in the traditional plat-forming look and feel of the first titles, not with the additions to the entertainment value.

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