Playstation 2 Gamers Teen Titans Walkthrough: Stages 1 - 5

Playstation 2 Gamers Teen Titans Walkthrough: Stages 1 - 5
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Stages 1 - 5

Stage 1

  • The Titan Tower is a stage that you should use to try your basic combo and charge attacks and get use to their feel and uses. In this stage the opponents are easy to defeat, so you can get use to the game play, and there aren’t any bosses to fight, just hordes of Hive Soldiers to fall to the power of the Teen Titans.

Stage 2

  • Once in the mine tunnels you will see a drilling machine that will activate, begin by keeping your distance from the drill, move back down the tunnel. You will encounter electronic gates in your way at several points. To turn the gates off you need to eliminate all the enemies you find in the tunnel. Only hurry before the drill machine catches up and ruins your day.
  • The evil Jinx will show up when you make it back to the surface. Jinx is actually not that tough, and she’ll turn tail and head for the hills after taking damage. She will move through an area with hazardous swinging wrecking balls, tread carefully as you circumvent each ball by letting it pass by and then moving. Your character is the only one that can be hurt by these balls; the rest of the Teen Titans will automatically catch up when you make it through.
  • Jinx is a coward and will keep retreating into another area where you will have to eliminate the men she leaves behind to kill you, before you can follow after her into the next area, and eventually she will get in a helicopter and be beyond your reach.

Stage 3

  • There are laser turrets watching the walkways of this area of the stage that can be irritating, but they aren’t particularly challenging. All that is required is to move into the room as fast as you can and then simply hit them a few times to take them out of the equation.
  • In the next area of this stage you have to defeat Gizmo in his mechanized spider gears shortly after beginning. Gizmo is big and relatively easy to hit, after getting his health down to 50 percent he’ll run away.
  • At the point when Gizmo ambushes Cyborg and screws-up his circuitry so that it’s not working properly. After this happens Mammoth will show up with his henchmen and try to defeat the short-handed Teen Titans. You need to battle Mammoth by knocking him into the electrified walls to give Cyborg time to repair his systems; Mammoth has some strong attacks so try to work as a team.

Stage 4

  • The next stage is actually a huge boss battle against Jinx, Mammoth, and Gizmo, they will at first attack you individually along with their remaining minions, but as soon as you get each of them down to about 25 percent of their health, the other two will attack to produce the big showdown. Keep an eye on the plat-form as your battling them, when you chase one of them away parts of the arena floor will drop away when the next boss shows up. Eventually, there will be hardly any space left to fight on, so make sure to implement attacks that have huge areas of effect to get the most for your bang.

Stage 5

  • In the beginning of the next stage the little bunnies you encounter explode if they start flashing, so keep your distance when they begin to flash, so you can avoid any damage. The large bunnies won’t explode, so you can eliminate them in the old fashioned way.
  • Beast Boy can bring Mumbo Jumbo’s bus attack to a halt, but he will be attacked by hordes of bunnies attempting to knock him out of the way. You need to keep the bunnies away from Beast Boy by using attacks that clear area and projectiles to give Beast Boy time to bring the bus to a halt for good.
  • The blue bunnies you are fighting spawn additional opponents, so remove them from the picture first as fast as you can, to make your job a lot easier.


Fun and engaging combat

Stick close to your fellow Titans

Beast Boy and Cyborg are the fighters

Team work is the key to success

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