Adventure Chronicles – Civil War Walkthrough

Civil War Treasure


Begin your quest at the National Museum. Aside from the usual items you need to get special items that will get you further in the game. For the Geocache, you’ll be needing to look for John Hancock’s Fountain Pen. You’ll find it in the bookcase to your left; it’s red and looks like a pencil. Another item to look for is a safety pin – you’ll need to use the Brush (part of your tools) to get it. Brush the edge of it and use the right bookcase. Now to find the Brooklyn Map, you’ll need to gather 5 red books scattered around the National Museum. Arrange them all on the table and then use the paper you find and rub the charcoal over it to get the map.

Moving on, you need to go to the Empire State Building where again you’ll need the Geocache item. This time you’re looking for the State Building Foreman’s Hard Hat (you’ll find it under the left glass display case). Now to get the Number 8, you’ll need to use the brush again above the right corner of the desk. The UFO will need to be dusted too – it’s to the left of the bottom of the Empire State Building. The CIA will be attained by breaking the white square with the hammer on the lower left. To get the Allen Key, you need to break the flower pot on the information desk. Now, you need the Allen Key to set the clock to 6:12 revealing a secret compartment.

Special Treasure – Civil War


Once you’re done here, pack up and head to the Retired Federal Reserve where the Geocache item is a 1798 English Dueling Pistol found inside the safe door. To get to the Blueprint, you’ll need to get the Key from Grant’s Home. Use the it on the safety deposit box inside the safe. Get to Grant’s Home and get General Custer’s Coat Button (left edge of the light fixture) for the Geocache. The money can be found by breaking the mirror as opposed to breaking the flower pot, which will get you the shotgun shell. A key – the Golden one – will be found on the mirror on the left side, whereas the Key that you need can be found by using the key you used previously to open the clock door. You need to hang three weights and click on the Painting in the upper right. Move the weights around to match the picture.

Now its time to get to the New York City Docks, where the Geocache item can be found on the boat railing (its the USS Princeton Steamship Propellor). Get the Pears and the Oil can on the crates before you leave for the Brooklyn Bridge. (To leave, you need to cut the ropes and use the keys on the boat)

Finally, at the Brooklyn Bridge collect all pertinent items as well as John Roebling’s Pocket Watch for the Geocache. Dust the bush and the bridge base to collect the tennis ball and the 1804 sign. Now use the crank handle on the winch and lower the scaffolding to find the water on the right. Use the Destiny Scanner on the lower center of the bridge base, use the pickaxe to reveal a door, and open it.

Lost Napoleonic Treasure


Former Site of Masonic Temple

The Geocache is found as a French Foot Gunner Helmet by burning the garbage in the can. Now burning the wads of papers in the steps, the left crate and the newspaper will get you the soccer ball, hard hat and the letter O. Finally, the triangle piece is found by using the socket wrench on the manhole.

At Notre Dame, the French Jeweled Crown is your Geocache item; its the base of the candlestick. Break the bowl on the table to get the French Coin and place 6 red gems in the diamond holes at the bottom of the stained glass window to take the skull from the ark.

Finding Napoleon’s Treasure


Now head on over to the Pantheon where the Geocache item is a French Bone China Teacup and Saucer (its at the upper left dome) Dust the left column, burn the lower right picture, and break the vases to get the trident, music notes, and paintbrushes respectively. For the triangle piece, you need to place the mirrors in each statue’s hand and in the niche left of the armor.

After the Pantheon, the National Library is your next stop. The Geocache item is a handcrafted mantle clock this time, which is very easy to spot. The map book is found if you type on the keyboard "D-12-5". Now get to bookcase D, top shelf and the 5th book from the left. Get the book and place it on the stand, before you use the scissors to cut the map out.

Treasures Found


Lost Napoleonic Treasure

The second to the last area is at the Grand Palace. The Geocache item is a bust of Napoleon. Break the lower left crate to get the rope. Dust the balcony to get the stapler too, and finally use the impact wrench on the bolt to get the triangle piece.

Finally, make your way to the Parisian Catacombs where the geocache item is the Knight’s Templar Coin by breaking the pot. Now break the vases to get the necklace, X Bone and P bone. Then dust the wall to get the cross. Finally, place the prism on the center platform and the lanterns on the left and right platforms. Light the lanterns and the place the bones on the lights to get to the treasure

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