The Company of Myself Walkthrough - Levels 1 Through 10

The Company of Myself Walkthrough - Levels 1 Through 10
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The Company of Myself is a platformer at heart with a fairly interesting and dark story. That said, a few of the puzzles can be tricky for new players and some of them require a certain type of twisted logic. This The Company of Myself walkthrough will cover all 20 of the levels and help you make it through to the big finish.

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Levels 1-5

The first 4 are just tutorials. Just read the directions and go through. Level 5 is the first actual challenge. You just have to chain some jumps together for level 5.

Well, let’s really make use of our own company. Walk up to the first ledge and create a copy. Then jump onto the copy’s head and use it to reach the next platform. Approach the edge and create another copy. Wait for your copy to make it into place and then repeat the procedure to get to the next platform up. Rinse and repeat to make it to the top and then just jump down. You won’t get hurt. Go through the green door.

Levels 6-10

Level 6: This is more of an introduction to the way that switches work. Just drop down and flip the switch, then create a copy. Wait for your shadow to pull the switch and dissolve the wall. You can jump right over and go through the door.

The Company of Myself Walkthrough - Level 7

Level 7: A bit more learning for us. Forcefields. Our shadows can’t get past the red forcefield. Walk over to the blocks and step onto the middle block. You want to be right over the door. Create a copy and walk down to the switch. Wait for your shadow to get in position and then flip the switch. When he touches the door you can hit the spacebar to end the level.

Level 8: Another forcefield, except this one is green. This is pretty simple. Your shadow can go through but you can’t. Just walk up against the forcefield for about 5 seconds or so. Then create a copy. He’ll walk right through and hit the door. Go through it.

Level 9: This one is one of the only tricky ones. You need to jump up the invisible stairs. The only problem is that you only have one copy to use. No trick to this though, just do a full jump and space them out. Now, to pull the level, just walk all the way up to the blocks and then hit A. The lever is against the wall, so you don’t have to worry about lining it up just right. Once the lever is pulled, you can walk right through. Remember that you can just hit R if you miss a jump.

Level 10: Another easy one once you understand it. We need to use our copy to carry us across the red forcefield bridge. Drop down to the bottom and wait for a moment against the wall. You want to give yourself plenty of time to get situated on top of him. Then walk across the bottom until you hit the right edge. Then create a copy. Get on top of his head and just ride your copy across and then jump to the door.

Levels 11-15

The Company of Myself Walkthrough - You and Kathryn

Level 11: As is pointed out, it’s the same idea but the roles are reversed. Wait a moment (and if you stopped to read this Company of Myself walkthrough, remember to restart the level…unless you want your copy to stand there for a minute). You need to give yourself enough time to get into position. Drop down to the forcefield and just wait for about 7 seconds. That should be enough time. Then jump far to the right. Create a copy and drop down into position. Once he’s on your head, walk across the bridge quickly and wait at the base of the door. Your double should jump up at the end of the countdown.

Level 12: This is one of the tricky levels. You need to have your copies pull the levers and jump from one platform to the next. You could also have one copy pull all four so that you have some warning. Both methods work well. If you use multiple copies to pull the levers, then you just have to do a quick countdown so that you know when to jump. Walk along, pull the first lever. Then chain the rest up with copies or one puller. Once you have it all set up, get ready to do your run.

Leap onto the first platform quickly and then make the next jump as the shadow pulls the lever. You need to hit the blocks as they dissolve, or you’ll fall. Note that you do not have to restart if you fall. You have infinite copies. Just make a new copy. You can even use that shadow as a reminder of your failed timing if you want. Once you chain up the jumps, just go to the door.

Level 13: We have an easy one again. Jump up to door and hit Spacebar. For now, this just changes your control to Kathryn. Walk her over to the door to finish the level.

Level 14: This is another simple and symbolic ones. Have one walk down each side and flip switches. Just make sure you flip the switches together. If one drops down before the switch is flipped, then yo have to restart.

Level 15: This is another fairly simple one. Just have one walk up to the edge and use them as a stepping stone. Jump up to the next area and flip the switch to remove the blocks. Jump up to the next ledge once the blocks are gone and reach the next level using the same trick. Then go to the door.

Levels 16-20

The Company of Myself Walkthrough - Level 19

Level 16: This is pretty simple one once you get it. Use the boost trick to give one of you a boost up to the black lever above you. Have them wait here while the other jumps over to the empty area by the black blocks. Switch back and flip the switch to clear the way for them. Switch again to hit the pink switch and clear the upper pathway. Get them both to the door.

Level 17: Well, it couldn’t last forever. It has to be Kathryn that goes onto the black blocks to pull the purple lever. Use your character to give her a boost over and have her wait by the switch. Have her pull the purple switch and then pull the black lever to drop her but clear the path. Go to the door and continue.

Level 18: We’re back to the old mechanics but there is a new twist. Walk up to the black lever and wait for about five seconds. Then pull the lever and make the jump over to the next ledge with the flower stem. This is a checkpoint. When you hit Spacebar again, you will spawn here with the shadow starting over on the left side. This is why we waited five seconds to pull the lever too. Jump onto the blocks and work your way up to the safe ground and wait for your shadow to pull the black lever and clear the path.

The Company of Myself Walkthrough - Level 20 - Final Level

Level 19: This is a tricky one, but you have plenty of shadows to use. Walk up to the edge of the green blocks and jump straight up. This will put your shadow onto your head. Go out and make sure that you hit the jump first. Now jump again to basically trade places with your shadow and jump once more. This will make sure that your shadow “climbs the ladder.” Just keep repeating this until you get a chain of about six shadows on top of you. If one falls through, then just keep trying. You have an infinite number of repeats. You can also just climb a ladder of about four shadows and just jump to touch the door yourself, if you have trouble carrying six over to the door.

Level 20: There actually isn’t a trick to this. Just keep jumping into the pit and moving as far right as you can. Jam the jump key as you go over and you should be able to get a boost over from one of your falling shadows. Make it to the door to finish The Company of Myself.