The Last Stand 2 Walkthrough - Zombies and Strategy

The Last Stand 2 Walkthrough - Zombies and Strategy
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The Last Stand 2 - General Help

The dynamics of The Last Stand 2 are pretty simple. You need to search buildings and maintain your barricade during the day and then settle in for a siege at night.

The siege part depends a lot on what weapons you have and is much easier once you have a small army of well armed suvivors backing you up.

note that this is the core of the game. Everything is connected and you’ll have to decide what you want to focus on.

You need to keep the barricade up to survive the level, but it’s basically time wasted unless you’re timing it up well with your searches (hitting a five and two threes for example).

Finding survivors is crucial to survival, since they lay out extra gunfire and drastically increase repair rates. Having all four suvivors with you means that you can do 15 points of repair each hour. That means you can completely repair a barricade in about three hours, as opposed to twelve before.

Weapons are vital though, otherwise armed zombies will rip your survivors to shreds. You also just won’t be able to survive Jonestown with a well armed group of survivors.

Traps seem pretty worthless though. Bear traps are good for stopping the early rushers, but the propane and gas tanks just seem pointless. They always get set off unintentionally and aren’t much more effective than just blasting the zombies.

Note that you don’t have to make it to Union City in 40 days. That’s technically the victory condition but there isn’t much of a difference either way. Only push for 40 days if you really care about “winning.”

Also note that when a barricade fails, you don’t automatically die. Your survivors run away, but you make a last stand. If you have chainsaw or a shotgun, it’s survivable to just hold out. The debris on the ground forces the zombies to slowly approach you through one narrow path. If there aren’t too many, then a chainsaw can gut the first way. Stand at the far left side and back away slowly to the bottom right corner to put the maximum distance between you. If you can keep this up, you might be able to survive the rest of the level without a barricade. This can also work in the same basic fashion with a shotgun (just remember to interrupt the reload animation once you have enough shells).

The Last Stand 2 - The Zombies

The Last Stand 2 Guide - All the Zombies

Zombies are naturally going to be your main enemy and your only real enemy besides time. Understanding the zombies should help you survive the trip to Union City.

Most of the zombies are just normal zombies. There is literally nothing unique about them. They’ll try to shamble up to your barricade and smack it. Once you get a survivor or two, they’ll probably be able to kill these guys, even with just their worthless starting gun. They are dangerous in a group though.

Fat zombies are just what it says on the label. They’re big and they can take a few more body hits before dying. Just aim for the head, like you should be.

Armored zombies include the soldier and the SWAT zombie. The SWAT one ha a bullet proof vest but an exposed head, whereas the soldier has a large helmet on to cover his head. If you want to take them down fast, just aim at their legs to take them out quick.

Dogs are fast but lack health. Their main strength is that they’re a small target and hard to hit and they can really tear up a barricade. Worse, they tend to be really hard for your survivors to hit, so you’ll usually need to take them out yourself unless you’re willing to take a lot of barricade damage. Once you have some decent weapons they’re not really a threat.

Note that all of the main types of zombies can have extra traits. Fast zombies will rush the barricade. There’s no real answer to this other than using a good weapon with a lot of survivor backup.

There are also armed zombies, which are your worst nightmare. If they attack the barricade at a spot where there’s a survivor, then they will kill that survivor. Your personal avatar is safe, but losing 25% of your defense force isn’t good and it can flip the battle in their favor. Worse, dead survivors don’t respawn on a retry, so it will just get harder if you lose.

As mentioned, it is possible and quite likely to have fast zombies with weapons and I have seen a fast SWAT zombie with an axe, so be ready for some deadly combinations.

The Last Stand 2 - Weapons


The Last Stand 2 Walkthrough - Finding Weapons Is Crucial Too

istol - The starting pistol isn’t that great, but it’s slightly better than the starting pistol of your survivors. Give it to them as soon as you upgrade.

.357 Revolver - A great weapon for the early levels, you can gfind it in Glendale. Just aim for the head and you should get one shot kills. The low ammo capacity and fairly long reloading time is a bit of a weakness though, and makes it obsolete for later levels. It’s quite useful in a survivor’s hands though, so pass it on.

Chainsaw - You get this in Glendale, but you’ll use it as your backup until the end of the game. You can quickly mow down any zombies on the barricade. If you’re overwhelemed, just switch to the chainsaw and use it to clear the barricade. It’s sometimes a good option to just do chainsaw duty while your survivors cut down the bulk of the horde. Note that it does have to be “reloaded” after a fair bit of use. It’s a fairly long animation too, so try to reload during a brief break.

Shotgun - You get this in Whistler’s Grove and I found it useful for the rest of the game. It’s great for hitting multiple zombies and it can usually take their heads off if you aim a little high. It has eight shots and the reloading animation can be interrupted at any point to start firing again. It’s ideal for defending the barricade. Just watch your ammo and reload often.

Compound Bow - You also get this in Whistler’s Grove and it’s also great. It’s accurate and can usually kill with just a few body shots or a headshot. It also fires fairly fast. It’s basically a .357 that you never have to reload. I suggest that you settle in with either the Compound Bow or the Shotgun for most of the game. Note that survivors can’t use the bow, so you may want to use the bow and lend the shotgun to someone else.

UMP 45 - A light machine gun you can get in Claysburg. It’s not really suited for killing zombies, but it’s useful in a survivor’s hands.

Uzi - Like it’s partner in crime, it’s found in Claysburg and only really good as a survivor’s weapon.

Sawn-Off Shotgun - Found in Aspenwood. Not as good as the shotgun in my opinion.

Hunting Rifle - Found in Aspenwood. Effective for snipers but too slow in my opinion. Give it to a survivor.

AK-47 and M4A1 - Both found in Jonestown and basically the same. Not really effective against a horde. Just hand it off.

Hand Grenades - Found in Jonestown. Worthless.

RPG and M249 - These are found at Fort Tran and let you become a zombie killing god. Just have fun holding the base until you get tired of it.

The Last Stand 2 - Strategy

The Last Stand 2 Strategy - Clear Out the First Three Cities Completely

Getting through The Last Stand 2 relies on one simple concept. Get past Aspenwood and Jonestown as quickly as possible. This middle section is the real nightmare. You start facing massive numbers of zombies without getting any truly great weapons to hold them off and the barricades are at their weakest.

If you try to hold out for long in either town, you will die and lose most of your survivors in a steady downcycle. Note that this is even true for someone that doesn’t care about the time line and just wants to kill zombies. Fort Tran is the place for that. Jonestown and Aspenwood have nothing to offer.

Start out by searching all of the locations in Glendale. You will wind up with a .357 revolver and a chainsaw and you should have seeral survivors and some surplus supplies. Go to Whistler’s Grove next. It’s a detour, but it has a shotgun and a compound bow as the reward weapons. It’s also fairly easy to defend, especially once you get the new weapons.

Claysburg is the next stop and you need to make sure that you check every corner. This includes the warehouse at the bottom of the screen and the store at the top right. You want to have at least six days worth of supplies ideally nine or more.

The reason is that Aspenwood and Jonestown don’t have much to offer. Aspenwood has a hunting rifle and a sawn-off shotgun. I didn’t care for either one of these and I don’t think that they are that great in your survivors’ hands. Jonestown has a few assault rifles to grab, but these too will just go to your survivors.

If you just want to kill a whole bunch of zombies for fun, go to Fort Tran at the first possible moment. You can get an RPG and a M249 machine gun. This is your ideal zombie killing place. Just settle in and fight if you’re not ready to quit. Check in at Union City when you’re ready to quit and see how many zombies you killed.

If you want to beat The Last Stand 2, then just get six days worth of supplies by looting the stores and haul yourself to Union City to finish the game.