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Triominos Board Game
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What is Tri-Ominos?

Triominos is a tile-laying game where players match the numbers on the sides of 56 triangular dominoes. There are three numbers inside of each Triomino, creating a two-number combination on each side of the tile. Players may place tiles from their hand to a location on the board if two numbers on the tile played from their hand match two numbers on the tile they connect with on the board.

Play continues with all players adding to the board from their hand. When a player can’t play a tile, they draw until they are able to play, losing points in the process. The round ends when a player plays all of their tiles, and the game ends when someone reaches 400 points.

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Tri-Ominos Scoring

Triominos hexagon bonus

Triominos scoring is pretty straight forward, with only some difficulty introduced when calculating bonus points.

Basic Scoring: Players add up the sum of the three tiles on the Triomino they played from their hand to determine their base score for that round. Unless there are bonuses associated with their play, the player adds the sum of all the numbers on their tile to their score.

First Play Bonus: The player to play the first Triomino when the round begins receives a bonus of 10 points. Additionally, if the first tile played is all zeros, they receive an additional 30 point bonus. The right to go first is given to the player with the highest tile that contains all of the same numbers. (0-0-0 through 5-5-5).

Drawing Tiles: Players receive a deduction of 5 points from their score each time they are required to draw due to lacking a playable Triomino in hand.

Last Play Bonus: The player who ends a round by playing their last tile receives a bonus of 25 points.

Hexagon Bonus: If a player matches all three numbers on a tile played from their hand, and it forms a closed hexagon, that player receives a 50 point bonus to their basic tile-laying score.

**Bridge Bonus:**A bridge links two already played tiles together fusing a third tile played from a player’s hand. A bridge bonus of 40 points is granted when a player matches two numbers on a base of a Triomino and matches the third number at the opposite point.

Bridge Match Bonus: After a bridge has been formed, a player receives a 40 point bonus when they extend the bridge by playing a tile on it that matches on two points (see “Instructions” link in resources for bridge and match images).

Where To Buy Tri-Ominos Online


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riominos is still in print and can be purchased directly from Pressman toys via their website. They have the standard version, as well as deluxe versions available. You can also purchase Triominos from or a number of other online retailers. If you don’t mind waiting a few months, you could also pick it up at a thrift store. Triominos is an immensely popular game that has been in production for decades. There are tons in print, and I have purchased multiple copies at thrift stores for less than a dollar to a few bucks. If you go the thrift store route, make sure you count the Triominos.

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