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Rummikub: An Overview

Rummikub is a classic tile-laying rummy game. Players make sets and runs using tiles from their hand and the board in a race to place all of their tiles. A common family favorite, Rummikub has made its way to my family table on more than one occasion, especially if we were hanging out with people who enjoy card games. It has the feel of a crossbreed between a classic rummy card game and dominoes.

You can get a little lost playing Rummikub, simply because toward the end of the game, there are so many different tiles on the board, and you can rearrange them in any legal manner by adding, subtracting or replacing tiles. This can lead to some lengthy turns if time limits are not imposed. Rummikub online does impose time limits, and the interface helps create faster games.

Play Rummikub Online

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You can play Rummikub online at The system uses “Joker Credits,” an in game currency that players use to buys entrance into games and tournaments and in game items and themes.

There are two options for playing: free play and subscription services. Rummikub online subscription plans guarantee unlimited games and tournaments, regardless of how many credits you have. They also offer special features and a chance for bonus prizes. Fees run from 4.99 for a monthly subscription up to 39.99 for 12 months of dues.

But you can play Rummikub free online. Simply logging in every day to play will give you 30 credits, enough to play three games, assuming you lost every match. Winning a matches earns you 10 additional credits and a free game. You can also participate in affiliate programs to earn more credits. Affiliate activities range from making purchase to filling out surveys or watching commercials.

Mini Rummikub Rant and Discussion

Upon winning a game in Rummikub online, there is a female voice saying “Hallelujah,” in a twangy, country-western tone, followed by a chorus of male voices saying “Hallelujah.” The inclusion of the traditionally religious word, which literally means “praise Yah,” seemed to be unnecessary, if for no other reason than I questioned the sincerity of it. It seemed more jocular than reverent, and it caught me off guard. I am all for jokes, and for praising Yah, but as someone who reserves that word for times of worship, it feels more like mocking than joking.

Since it does not coincide with a theme, and there is no relevance within the context of Rummikub, it seems like an unnecessary addition to the game. However, there is a mute button, so players do at least have the option of not hearing it if they don’t want to.

If I were a game developer, I would include the option for multiple, player-selected expressions that would play upon victory, with the default expression or sound being neutral. By allowing players to choose what they hear, or what their avatar exclaims, the developer would create a more enjoyable experience for all players, while alienating none.

What do you think about situations like this? Is it worth offending a small percentage of people to add some humor to an otherwise dry game? Is there another way that the developer could handle this sort of aspect of gameplay? Leave a comment. I’d like to know what you think.

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