Free Solitaire iPhone App Review: The Best Way to Play Solitaire on Your iPhone

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The Popularity of Playing Solitaire

Walk through any cubicle-lined office in the modern human filing cabinet of the business world you will see the effects of technological alienation and loneliness. Computer solitaire will likely be on the vast majority of screens, this being switched backed to spreadsheets incase some level of management was to walk by. Though solitaire was a pervasive game in the American culture it was not until Microsoft included it in Windows as a free card game that it became a standard. This concept of solitaire as a free game has been transferred to the iPhone, and its features packed set is more than enough to justify the menial cost on your phone memory.

Solitaire Gaming Options

The free Solitaire app is more than just one game because it includes five different incarnations of the game. We get the classic version, called Spiderette. Along with this are two types of Klondike, Demon, and Baker’s Game. If you do not know how to play these lesser-known card battles then this makes Solitaire Free an even better choice. Once you select the game of your choice a new game opens, and among the options at the bottom is one for Rules. Luckily, the rules are fairly straight-forward, but you may need to reference them a few times until you get a hang of the more complicated games. You also have the ability to check your over all play statistics at anytime you are in the middle of the game, and you can even undo a regrettable move.

How the Free Solitaire Game Works

The interface itself is nicely put together, though a little sparse. You play on a transitional brown background with the cards laid out in their specified order. Instead of clicking and dragging as you would on a computer port, you simply press on a card and then hit the location or card where you want the first one to move. This makes play exceptionally easy, mainly because you do not have to have the awkward inaccuracy of holding and dragging across the touch screen. Over all this is an exceptional version for those who leave luck to the cards. Seven out of ten stars.