Play Action Packed Ninja Games Online

Play Action Packed Ninja Games Online
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Straw hat Samurai

I bet you have never thought of slaying someone with the stroke of a line before. This is what you will experience with Strawhat Ninja. As you play these ninja games online you will need to pass a number of mountains and get past the invaders who will challenge you along the way. What should you do when you spot them? Simply draw a straightline across them and that should split them into two. It’s really that simple and deliciously gory! To play this game click on the following link.

Image Credit: Juggernart

Ninja Showdown

It’s time to show your skills on the fighting platform as you go through a series of samurai rounds to out perform your opponent. This is your opportunity to show off all of your latest moves you have been practicing. You will use the A key to kick and the D key to slash your sword quickly. The spacebar will be used to jump and jump kick your opponent. Of course if you want to try a combination you can tap the spacebar a couple of times. Good luck ! To play this game click on the following link.

Young Worrier

young worrier

You are warrior or would that be a worrier with a mission to capture a young princess. It’s not going to be an easy journey due to the baddies that are ready to attack on the left and the right. These slash and hack game will test your quick reaction time. Use the arrow keys to both walk and run back and forth past your enemies and the A key you can use to attack with your Katana sword. To play this game click on the following link.


You are a little guy on a large island and you must use a couple of different skills and weapons against your minions or opponents who will approach you by the dozens. You will move around them with the left and right arrow keys and punch with the A key. It’s quite interesting to play these ninja series games online because you can even throw a little mud in their face to blind them for a few minutes. This will buy you some time to sneak past them in a hurry. To play this game click on the following link.

Ninja Nightmare

Ninja Nightmare

There’s nothing like getting into a great book. But what happens when you are suddenly interrupted from reading this book by a group of menacing ninjas. You will need to get even. You will have to come out of your house and take these distracting menaces on in this fun slash and hack game. Use the left and right arrow to walk back and forth and A key to kick attack. Watch the clock, you will have a limited time to eliminate these fools. To play this game click on the following link.