Guide to Greatest Casual Games on Mobiles

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You don’t need to own a console or an expensive PC set up to enjoy playing games. In recent years the casual game market has exploded and many of these accessible titles are playable in a web browser or on a mobile phone. In this guide we take a look at a huge variety of casual games that should appeal to a wide audience.

What do they have in common? They’re all easy to get to grips with, they’re all addictive and they’re all fun. They’re also all available for your smartphone; actually some of them are platform specific so choose your phone carefully!

Got to Start Somewhere

Casual games are difficult to categorize so this first grouping is a real mixture. We’ve got to start somewhere so we may as well start at the top – the most popular casual game of the last few years is Angry Birds and you’ll find everything you need to know about it in our guide. Next up we take a look at a group of office related games perfect for whiling away those hours at work. Finally here are a couple of great drawing games that will hook you in with their multiplayer action.

Run and Jump

There are a lot of great casual mobile games that involve running and jumping. These side-scrolling titles are very accessible and feature very simple controls so anyone can just pick them up and play. These three games are among the best in the genre. You’ve got Dragon, Fly! on Android and then Tiny Wings on iOS and finally the spooky, Dead Runner which is available on both platforms.

Just Jump

Another popular genre you’ll find is platform jumping games where the aim is to continually climb. These were downloaded in their hundreds of thousands when the iPhone and Android first took off and they’re still accessible and addictive. Abduction casts you as a cow trying to claim your family or friends back from the aliens that snatched them. Doodle Jump is perhaps the most successful example of this type of game on the iPhone and you’ll find a review and a guide to offer you a few tips. Finally we have another similar offering called Mega Jump.

Lucky Dip

This section is just a big mixture of casual titles that have absolutely nothing in common. There are games here for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms. The pick of the bunch for me is definitely Stupid Zombies, but Pocket God is another interesting game and if you ever got addicted to those penny falls at the arcade then Coin Dozer will suck you in.

Casual Business Empire

There’s a bit more depth to these titles but they’re still very accessible and they’re designed to be good for dipping in and out of. If you want to build a town or run a successful business in a stress-free way, then titles like this are probably your best bet. MyTown is a bit different because it offers a unique idea, you can find out all about it in the review. Hotel Dash and Diner Dash are all about prioritising tasks and they’re surprisingly addictive to play.

Farming for Fun

Seriously, I’m not entirely sure what’s with the farming craze in casual gaming, but it seems like it is here to stay. These are all farm-based titles that allow you to grow crops and raise livestock to your heart’s content. You’ll find reviews and some handy tips and tricks to help you run a successful farm.

Tell us about your favorite casual game on your mobile phone by posting a comment.