Farm Frenzy Walkthrough Guide

Farm Frenzy Walkthrough Guide
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Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy takes a refreshing approach to farming in what is an engaging and well thought out strategy game. It consists of 48 levels and various awards are given as you progress and achieve set goals. Whether you complete each level in a minute or an hour, Farm Frenzy will keep encouraging even the slowest player, but handing out the bigger awards to the natural players, giving you something to aim for.

Farm Frenzy Tips: Before you Begin

Beware the Bears!

The first thing to remember is - when you see a bear - get tap happy until that bad boy is caged and in your store house. It will kill your geese and lose you precious money, time and bonuses. When bears are caged you can sell them and buy more cattle. Remember to clear out your store house regularly as you’ll need the room to store the bears or they’ll carry on running loose.

Farm Frenzy

A Do Over

One great thing about Farm Frenzy is that you get as many do-overs as you like. But do keep in mind that if you do a level again your score will be replaced, whether higher or lower, so only do it if you want to improve your score, or later on in the game if you need to upgrade your items and gain more stars. But keep this quiet, this is a cheat.

Water Costs Coins

To grow grass to feed your cattle you’ll need to refill your well, this will cost you coins so be savvy and cost efficient with this as it will run out fast.

Money Talks

Don’t be afraid to sell your cattle, this will almost always ensure you get Gold. Once you have the raw materials from them sell them before the bear comes and you lose them.

Farm Frenzy Walkthrough for Awards

  • Completing a level without clicking on any goods - Use the first level that includes a cat. Only click on the water and grass, you’re able to cage a bear but do not collect it.
  • Taking your time - You can get this achievement by taking 30 minutes or longer on a level, the popular level for this is the last.
  • Completing all levels of the game
  • Buying 100 animals
  • 1,000,000 coins - You can get this doing nothing different, remember to think money, money, money!
  • Completing a level without catching any bears - Level 2 is best for this one!
  • Filling all shelves in the storehouse - This is best done when you’ve upgraded your storehouse nearer the end levels.
  • Earning a Gold Star on all levels - Refer to the do-over.
  • Three levels without selling any bears - Hint, you can still cage them just don’t put them in your storehouse.
  • Three levels without hints - Do this on a redo of the first levels.
  • Collect 500 goods
  • Get 7 bears in the field - Hint, should be easy towards the end!
  • Upgrade all the buildings
  • 10 levels without the loss of any animals - Can be any 10 levels.
  • Catch 100 bears - Throughout the game.

Farm Frenzy Hints

Whilst there are many hints here, remember to just have fun with it. No one gets it all done first time… That’s the point of the game!