Get Ready for Action with Naruto Fight Games Online

Get Ready for Action with Naruto Fight Games Online
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Naruto BattleGrounds

Naruto must reach the chief before he runs out of time. Be prepared to battle all the way along the journey as you complete each level of these Naruto fight games. Naruto Battlegrounds has you using all of your spiritual and physical know how to defeat the ghoulish characters you will run into along the way to your ultimate battle with the villain chief. You will use the arrow keys as your primary tool in navigating you across the terrain, as you jump and on different rocky plains to attack the guards that are pacing back and forth. You will do this with the A, S, and D keys or a combination of all three. To play this game click on the following link.

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Naruto Kunai Dodging

How quickly can you move when you are being attacked by kunai knives? Well now your fate will be tested on the battle ground. You are the infamous Naruto who is now faced with the constant falling of kunai knives which are being thrown at him in a successive manner. You will definitely have to be quick and cunning to survive this one ! The key is to race to a place where the knives are few and far between. But how will you do it in time? You will use the arrow keys to start and test your reaction time as do the rest! To play this game click on the following link.

Naruto Fighting Game

naruto run

This little guy sure has a lot of stamina and focus… the enemy that is. It’s Naruto back again to face yet another defeat of the enemy. This time he will be on a bridge with a spontaneous number of ninjas that will attack without notice. The cool thing is that you will have enough tools to keep you in the game if you use them wisely. The best tool is the clone tool that will be used to fool approaching ninjas as they fight the “other” you. This tool is useful if you are fighting multiple ninjas. Use the left and right arrow to navigate your guy across the platform and the up key will be used to jump when needed. It’s all up to you from here ! To play this game click on the following link.

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Naruto Invaders

This is a similar game to the popular space invaders only with a Naruto twist. You will once again play the role of Naruto in this aim and dodge game. Your enemies will be hovering above in four rows. Some opponents are worth more than others perhaps due to their stature and reputation, the bottom row being worth 10 points and the top worth more. You will have to use the arrow keys to hide under four different foundations that your opponent may try to drop grenades, before they have a chance to do it you want to fire with the space bar and ultimately take out the entire eleven columns. To play this game click on the following link.

There you have it I hope you enjoy your intro to Naruto fight games, remember to practice well before you attempt to play the above.

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