Cool Free Online Puzzle Games to Tease that Brain!

Cool Free Online Puzzle Games to Tease that Brain!
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Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2 Screenshot - puzzle games

Super Stacker 2 is a challenging puzzle game by Gaz Thomas and Sparkworkz. In this free online game players test their skills in stacking. You manipulate physics while racing against the clock in Super Stacker 2, where the main objective of the game is to stack an assortment of shapes on top of each other without letting them fall. After the final shape is stacked a clock will count down. If a piece slides or tumbles its game over. There are four game modes called Easy, Medium, Tricky, and Hard Stacks. Each mode has 10 progressive levels. Players must successfully complete each level in the mode to move on.

Super Stacker 2 Game Screenshot - free online game

Super Stacker 2 gives players various shapes like circles, rectangles, triangles, and squares to sort. All of the shapes are animated with smiley faces that respond to your stacking. A smile, frown, or even a yelp will sound depending on your move. Level objectives vary from simple tasks like building a tower to more complex challanges involving balance and strategy. Shapes change in size from tiny to extremely large. A bonus Stack Mode can be unlocked after completing the entire game. There is also an option to create your own stacks. Super Stacker 2 is a fun light-hearted teaser perfect for puzzle lovers.

Portal The Flash Version - A Puzzle Adventure

Portal The Flash Version - free online game

Portal The Flash Version is based on Valve’s innovative Portal PC Game released in 2007. Creators Hen Mazolski and Ido Tal from bring this fun free version to the masses. Portal The Flash Version is a complicated action adventure designed to make players think with portals in mind. In this game you wake up in a laboratory cell as test subject 15837. Armed with a powerful Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD) players must find a way to break out of their cell. Your mission is to find a way out using your ASHPD.

Portal Flash Game - Puzzle Games

The portal device creates two different portals that players can jump through. Players aim the ASHPD on a spot in the ceiling, wall, or floor. Yellow or blue portal holes will appear. Strategically position portals to help you maneuver around obstacles and reach the exit door safely. There are 40 challenging levels in Portal The Flash Version. This free online game version of the hit Portal is a very cool and worthy brainteaser.

Red Remover

Red Remover Screenshot - Puzzle Games

Red Remover is another challenging brain teaser. In this game players must carefully remove the red animated squares without disturbing the green ones. Blue colored shapes are neutral and can be removed without penalty. Red Remover is no cake walk, and like the previous games, strategy is crucial. One wrong move and it’s game over. Flash puzzle games like Red Remover combine light-hearted humor with strategy. School yard cheers echo when a level has been successfully completed. There are 45 different levels in the game. Five are bonus levels that can only be unlocked if a player beats the entire 40 levels on par. Animated blocks with various expressions give away which direction they will fall when clicked. As the game progresses so does difficulty. The game also features an upbeat musical score by Incompetech.