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Study with Online Kid Flash Cards
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Online Kid Flash Cards

Being the vast library of content that it is, the internet houses more flash cards than it could possibly need for any purpose. However, being so vast also presents the problem if not only locating these flash cards, but locating helpful ones. Hopefully this guide will alleviate some of the pain that is to be expected from and often attributed with getting the highest quality from the internet. Here you’ll find a variety of sets of online kid flash cards categorized by subject.


Mr. Martini’s Classroom

Mr. Martini’s ClassroomThis page contains randomly-generated virtual flash cards where you’re able to set the highest number, as well as the type of operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The fact that the numbers can go up to twelve give this application quite a wide range of difficulty, able to acquaint young toddlers with mathematics while still capable of making a college student scratch their head.

This page contains seven levels of flash cards among the main four mathematical operations (as well as one that mixes addition and subtraction). The difference in difficulty between level 1 and 7 is quite vast, going from single-digit problems to triple-digits. Definitely a useful set of online kid flash cards regardless of math level. - Times Tables

This set of flash cards will familiarize children with a 9x12 times table. The PDFs are large, clear and double-sided, so the problems can be quickly presented and the answers can be quickly read. These are, without a doubt, a vital set of flash cards for impressing times tables into developing brains.

Geography / Social Studies

States and Capitals Flashcards

This set of flash cards either presents capitals or states, with the participant having to guess the opposite. The decision to answer the capital or state is made each time, allowing the child to keep his or her mind fresh.

Peter’s Flag FlashcardsPeter’s Flash Flashcards

This site presents the flags of countries all over the world and reveals the name of the country associated via mouse-over – perfect for any kids who want to excel in world studies. The flash cards can either be filtered by region, or all displayed collectively.

Have Fun Teaching - 50 States Flashcards

While the name of the states are given on the same side as the image of the state on these cards, steps can either be taken to remove their visibility, or they can simply be left on for the child to study in a non-“competetive” fashion. The cards are available for print in both color and black & white.

Language Skills

The interesting thing about vocabulary/spelling flash cards is that any flash card based on the alphabet falls into this category. For flash cards containing words that will challenge children, see the next section.

ABCTeach - Alphabet Flashcards

Obviously for those much younger, this set of printable flash cards with familiarize very young children with the alphabet with its colorful pictures.

StudyShack - Flashcards about Grammar

German Flash Cards

This page presents various parts of speech that the child must answer with the correct description. Good for familiarizing a child with some of the many rules of English grammar.

Language Learning

Here is a list of links that contain helpful flash cards for children who are trying to learn or master another language. Very helpful for children who are bilingual and need to sharpen up on a weaker language (or for children who are simply interested in studying another language).

General Flash Card Websites

Here are some websites that are dedicated to providing flash cards and flash card resources, but aren’t necessarily focused on any particular subject. Some of these sites may require a registration, or even charge you for use of their materials.


This website has a wide range of categorized flash cards. While creating and sharing flash cards required a free registration, the pre-existing flash cards on the website can be accessed regardless of registration status, making it an excellent place to stop when looking for both printable flash cards and non-printable flash cards to challenge children.

The Flashcard Exchange

A large database containing millions of flash cards spanning hundreds of categories; however, this website requires a registration and charges a fee to use their flash cards – perhaps a bit much to ask for when cards capable of educating children are readily available for free elsewhere.

The Flashcard Machine

This website features the ability for users to create and share sets of flash cards that they created, meaning there’s millions of sets of flash cards to be found here and without a doubt something that will provide a challenge for any child. The website requires a registration, and the front page advertises the web application as free.

Need More Flash Cards?

If the resources in this article were somehow not enough, then performing an extremely specific query on Google may just be your best bet. Be sure to specify whether or not you’re looking for printable flash cards, and be sure to check the Google Images results as well, as they could possibly hold some useful materials.