Interested in your Kids IQ? Best Websites for Free Online Kid's IQ Tests - Overview and Recommendations

Interested in your Kids IQ? Best Websites for Free Online Kid's IQ Tests - Overview and Recommendations
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What is an IQ Test? Free Online Kid’s IQ Tests

The IQ or “intelligence quotient” tests are using memory, problem solving and reasoning in order to assess people’s mental strength and capacity. Alfred Binet first developed this kind of test, which is often called a “Stanford-Binet” test. These tests are comparing person’s results with those of other people at the same age. Normally the average score of an IQ test is 100 points. The IQ tests are measuring person’s intelligence and have to be used together with other assessments when making decisions about child’s education. This is why parents and teachers should consider behavior observations, student work and standardized tests in addition to the IQ tests.

Traditional vs Online IQ Testing

Trained psychologists or teachers normally administer the IQ tests for kids. When you think your child has to take an official IQ test, you should ask your child’s teacher for more information. Another option is to find free online IQ tests for kids on the Internet. The scores from these tests can be just informative and should not be taken as an official score. “Fun Education” has a free online IQ tests for kids under the age of 17. You can find free online IQ tests for kids also at and the High IQ Society.

Studying IQ Test Results Carefully

Before you undertake tests with your kid, you have to consider that IQ test would give you an idea about your kid’s aptness for academic performance, her/his aptness for learning, academic abilities, and this can be used to make more informed decisions regarding his or her education. If a child, who gets a low IQ, test score, this child may feel inadequate and failing, and this could lead to problems in performance at school. Kids should not be labeled based on one test score. Further testing at a professional center must be considered instead. Also overall judgment of the child’s academic ability should not be based on a test score.

Some Online IQ Resources

Where to find free online IQ test for kids? Many websites offer free assessments. However, these sites might not give you an accurate picture of child’s academic ability. Check out some of the online IQ tests, there are several available, like Fun Education - a free IQ test for kids old enough to read. This test measures word analysis and spatial reasoning. Your child’s score will compare to a standard deviation of scores. Another site - website that offers three tests for kids divided by ages. One test is for children under the age of seven, another test is for ages seven to ten, and third one for ages 10 to 14. University of Life is a site that offers tests for ages three up to age 15, and there is also a creativity test for children. Kids’ IQ Test Center – here a child can take one IQ test for free, or can access a variety of tests for a fee. Learn Your IQ is a service for kids over nine years of age, where he or she can undertake a free test.

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