Guide to Making Money and Experience in Facebook Farm Town. Farm Town basics, plowing, planting crops.

Guide to Making Money and Experience in Facebook Farm Town.  Farm Town basics, plowing, planting crops.
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Facebook Farm Town Basics

Before you start your game you will need to create your female or male avatar and set your facial options. You won’t find any clothing selections with just basic overalls available to all farmers. Once you have your avatar options you will be placed on your farm and can begin to build up your land plots. As you farm you will gain experience and will be granted access to different crops and building options for your growing farm. By visiting the marketplace you can sell your crops and hire other players to help you on your farm. Farm Town has more to offer and is different from other Facebook farm games such as Farmville.

How To Farm In Farm Town

Farming in this game is very simple you have two basic tools your plowing tool for planting crops and a scythe for harvesting crops. Before you can plant your crops you must plow the ground. so click the plow tool and place it over land you want to use which will turn green allowing farming. Each time you plow you will use up a few game coins so don’t plow too much land or you won’t be able to buy seeds. Since your field is ready to plant you can click on the store icon and purchase the seed type you want to use.

Seeds and Planting

Grape Crops Ready

As a beginner you only have access to a few seed types and each plant will take a certain amount of game time to grow. Use your scythe tool and place it over the plowed land and the seeds will sow automatically. You can continue to do this for every field you want planted and if you want to change seed types, go back to the store for different seeds. The game will deduct the cost of the seeds as you plant them. Depending on your seed type you will have anywhere from a few hours wait to several days until you can harvest your crop. You can clear land you want to change by using the bulldozer located in the tools menu.


Once your crops reach 100% complete you can harvest them. You can harvest your crops in three ways and it is up to you to decide which way you want to do it.

  • Harvest and sell right away. You will gain the last amount of money from this option.
  • Harvest and sell at marketplace. More income but you need to visit the marketplace and sell to the vendor there.
  • Hire other Farmville Players. If you go to the marketplace you can ask other players to help you harvest and they will be paid. You will receive larger crop yield and more income if you pick this option. Click on the player you want to hire and they will be transported to your farm. Players can be paid to harvest crops or plow land for you. This option will give you 25% more income for your crops. A players pay depends on the cost of the crops and is done automatically by the game.

Making Farm Town Money

You will make the most money in this MMO game by interacting with the other players. Have players pick your crops and plow your fields by going to the marketplace and hiring someone. Your crop barrels will be much larger when you hire someone to do it for you. If you are in need of quick cash go get a job with another farmer. If you are a new player you can get money quickly this way because the more experience players have huge farms that will generate money for you as you work on them. It will also help you level quickly.

Make sure you plow everything after you harvest and plant new seeds so you have a constant supply of income. Check your farm frequently so your crops don’t die and pick crops that take longer to grow if your not going to play for a few days. You can lose a great amount of money if your crops whither and die.

Farm Town Experience Points

Farmtown Inn

You gain experience every time you plow land, and plant crops. Your experience bar is located at the top of the game and your game level will change with more experience allowing you to purchase more varied game items. You will also gain experience when you accept a job and work on another player’s field. You can use this handy crop calculator to learn more about experience points. Enter in the crop type and the number of crops and it will show you how many experience points you will earn as well as income. You won’t receive any experience from harvesting your own crops just from plowing and planting them.

The Map

Farmtown map

Farm Town has a map with several areas that you should visit and get familiar with. You can visit these areas at anytime by clicking the map icon, you will leave your farm when you do so.

Marketplace - This is where you can interact with other players in the game and ask them to help you on their farm or find a job yourself. At the marketplace you can also sell your crops if you picked that option when harvesting. Try to refrain from adding spam to the marketplace requesting a job and just ask one of the players by clicking on their avatar.

Bank - Clicking this option will allow you to purchase game coins with your real life cash.

Inn - This is a chat room to get to know other players the game. You cannot hire any people here to work on your farm or get a job you must go to the marketplace.

Realtor Office - At this location you can purchase a larger farm for game coins. You must be at certain levels to gain access to the new farm sizes.


Farm Town Store

At the store you can buy seeds, animals, and decorations for your farm. New items will unlock as you reach different levels. The prices of these items can vary from day to day depending upon the demand for them. Once you purchase an item move it into position on your farm and place it. When you are using seeds your account balance will be deducted each time you place the seeds into a plowed spot. Your cursor will turn into the seed type you just bought and you can then plant it.

Farm Town Neighbors

You can also have your Facebook friends join your farm and exchange gifts with them. Many of the gifts you can send are not available in the game store and can only be acquired if you have game neighbors. When you visit your neighbors farm you may get the option to rake, pull weeds, or water flowers. Having more neighbors will also let you win many of the game trophies.


Farm Town has a lot to offer the farming game fan. It is the best farm game on Facebook and has more gameplay options then Farmville (especially for true multiplayer gameplay). Facebook is full of wonderful games that won’t take up much of your time. If you enjoy Farm Town, you might also want to check out Mafia Wars or Bejeweled Blitz.