Gardenscapes the Game – Tips for Making Money and Finding Hidden Objects

About the Game

Gardenscapes the Game

Gardenscapes is a hidden object and time management game. You have inherited your grandfather’s mansion and vast garden, but the garden needs work. Your task is to restore it to raise the value of the property for future selling.

To succeed in this game, you will need money to purchase items to restore your garden. Fortunately, grandpa’s estate has many rooms filled with items that can be sold. Your butler Austin suggests you have jumble sales in each room to raise the funds.

The game is divided into two sections: the garden and the jumble sales in the mansion. In the Garden you can see how much money you have and what you need to purchase. The mansion is where you will have your jumble sales and spend the most time.

Making Money with Jumble Sales

In Gardenscapes, the game offers multiple rooms in the mansion that are filled with hidden objects.

Gardenscapes jumble sale

Jumble sales are opportunities to make money by selling items. When the jumble sale starts, note what items the customer's want by looking at the image icon next to them. Locating the items is not always easy. Many will blend into the environment. Since you are on a time limit, you should first look for items that have unusual shapes and bright colors. Items that are thin shaped seem to be the most difficult to find.

The best tip is to find the hidden items in the rooms as quickly as possible. Not only will you be making money faster, but you will earn extra cash bonuses. As time goes by, customers will begin to get impatient and offer less for the item they want if you take too long. As you progress in the game, you will also have opportunities to find hidden bonus coins or other items (like bottles of wine or books) for extra cash.

Gardenscapes does offer hints to help you out. There is the camera, thermometer, and question mark icon. These hint icons can be found in the room among the other items. How can they help you? The question mark triggers an image of the item is displayed next to the customer(s) that are currently visible. This will help you identify the items in the room. The camera is a bit different. When activated, it briefly flashes the location of the items you are currently looking for. Alternatively, the thermometer plays a “hot and cold” game with you and lets you know if you are close to an item.

After all the customer’s items are found (or you run out of time), you see a results screen that shows you how much money you earned. You are then taken back to the garden area. If you have enough cash, at this point you can buy items.

Other Tips for Players

  • As you find needed hidden objects in the room, quickly collect the coins from the customer. The new customer that appears may have an item that is easier to find than the ones you have remaining.
  • The description for some items may not be enough for you to identify them. Use the question mark icon for items you are unsure about.
  • A lot of money is needed for garden items as you get further into the game. To make it stretch further, purchase the least expensive item choice for items you need. You can also change items you have already purchased by clicking on the “design” button and choosing something else.
  • If the time is running out on your jumble sale, keep an eye out for flashing items. It is the game’s way of giving you one more chance to find those last items for your customers.
  • In Gardenscapes, the game does not always display items you are looking for in the size or color you would expect. Use the camera icon to help you find these things.