Guide to Making Items in Country Life Facebook Game

Guide to Making Items in Country Life Facebook Game
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Making Items With Crops

In Country Life you have the ability to make items with your harvest crops. For example, you start the game with a cow that can be fed harvested alfalfa. As your cow eats the alfalfa it will produce containers of milk that you can sell for additional coins. You must have spare alfalfa in your barn to feed your cow or you can’t make any milk so don’t sell your crops if you plan to use them to make any items later on. Since you start with one cow making milk is easy. Simply click on the feed tray in front of the cow to feed it harvested alfalfa. Once the cow finishes eating the sprouts a container of milk will appear and you can click on the milk to deposit it into your barn. Open your barn and click on the milk to sell the milk and continue to feed the cow the spouts to produce more milk. Each container of milk will provide you with twenty five coins each. Alfalfa is one of the starting crops so you should make sure you have plenty of plots free for this crop.

Getting Busy With Bees

One of the first item producers that becomes available to you besides the free cow you start with is the beehive. In your game store you can purchase a beehive for two thousand coins and place it on your farm. Bees will leave the hive if you have Alfalfa growing and pollinate the crop. Once they return to the hive they will begin to make jars of honey for you. If you don’t have growing Alfalfa you can’t make any honey and your bees will stay in the hive. There are two different hives available with the only difference in them is how fast they produce honey jars for you. You will however need game cash to buy the one that produces honey the fastest in the game.

Producing More Items

Country Life

Once you level up in the Country Life Facebook game you will want more animals on your farm. Chickens will provide you with some eggs while sheep will produce wool. You need these raw materials to help you create other items in the game. In the game store you can visit the “gear” section and buy equipment to make add ional game items to sell for cash. For example you can buy a cheese maker and if you have milk, turn it into cheese. To make jam buy a jam machine and use honey and fruit crops to make the jam. If you have wool from sheep get a weaving machine and make sweaters to sell. Other items you can make include wine, flour, bread, and ketchup. You will earn more money by making items with your resources rather than selling the resource right away.


The Country Life Facebook game provides lots of fun for players. Making items with your harvested crops provide added game play and breaks you away from the boring task of just harvesting. Use your harvested items to make products to sell for more coins and enjoy all that Country Life has to offer.