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Farm Frenzy Pizza Party Walkthrough and Game Tips

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Farm Frenzy Pizza Party continues the popular food production time management game. Are looking for strategy tips to improve your game play? In this Farm Frenzy Pizza Party walkthrough, learn how to play and find out useful strategy tips to earn money and complete each level.

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    Farm Frenzy Pizza Party Walkthrough – How to Play

    Farm Frenzy Pizza Party If you have played other Farm Frenzy titles, game play is pretty much the same. The difference in this game is that it is centered on a single town and you can make pizzas. As you progress in the game, you will travel around the neighborhood to complete levels.

    You start off with a farm that contains a water well. Depending on your current goal, you will need to purchase animals and equipment to produce needed items. Levels are completed by producing food products on a farm or making a specific amount of money. If you don’t have any animals, start off by purchasing a chicken or two. Feed your animals by clicking on the ground to produce grass. However, you need to make sure that you have enough water so it will grow.

    Next, wait until your animal produces their product. Chickens will give you eggs, while goats will produce milk. Collect animal products by clicking on them. The products will then be placed in a storage facility.

    Money is earned by selling products to the city. By clicking on a menu, you can select what you would like to sell. The products are then shipped by truck. When the truck arrives back on the farm you will receive your monetary proceeds.

    Game play continues until you complete your tasks or time runs out. If you were successful, new level(s) become available for you to play. However, purchase of new equipment is needed before you can qualify to play. If you don’t have enough money to buy them, you can repeat previous levels to earn the cash.

    You win the Farm Frenzy Pizza Party game once all levels on every street in town have been completed.

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    Game Tips and Hints

    Follow these Farm Frenzy Pizza Party walkthrough game tips to help you out:

    • Animals will die and disappear if they don’t have any food. Make sure you place enough grass on the ground to keep them fed. The well must also be refilled to provide enough water to irrigate the soil for the grass.
    • The dog can help keep pandas and other vicious beasts away from your farm animals. To remove them from your farm, click on these predators several times with your mouse to put them in cages. Predator animals can also be sold in the city like all other farm products.
    • If you are running low on money and cannot afford to purchase food for animals, place grass further apart. The time it takes for the animals to walk over to the food might buy you extra time to earn money.
    • When buying or selling items, it is best to load the most expensive ones on the truck first.
    • Once you have produced an item that counts toward your goal, it is okay to sell it right away. There is no need to keep it in your storage facility until all items are collected.
    • Food products disappear if not picked up right away. Keep any eye on the farm. If you see products blinking, they are just about to vanish.
    • On levels with monetary goals and multiple upgrades, earning the money is your first priority. Upgrades can be purchased just after this goal is met.
    • Items delivered by plane can be collected as they are dropped from the sky.
    • Sell predatory animals you have caught right away to earn extra money and make room in your storage facility.
    • Upgrading your well and storage facility will provide more room for water and items. Building upgrades can make more products at which increases your efficiency.
    • Buy cats (if you can afford them) to help you collect completed food products. They will kick them into the storage facility.
    • To avert attacks from predatory animals, place grass towards the bottom of the screen. These animals tend to congregate towards the middle or top of the screen.

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