Useful Farm Frenzy 3 Walkthrough for Game Play Strategy and Money Making Tips

Useful Farm Frenzy 3 Walkthrough for Game Play Strategy and Money Making Tips
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About Farm Frenzy 3 - Walkthrough

The story continues the adventures of Scarlet, the resourceful farmer girl. This time, five friends around the world need her help with their farms. All of them were heavily damaged by natural disasters. Your task is to help rebuild the farms and get the financial assistance her friends need from the farmer’s union.

Farm Frenzy 3 Walkthrough – General Game Play

Farm Frenzy 3 walkthrough

On each of the five farms, there are multiple rounds to play. Each has a particular financial, crop and animal production goal. Point and click items to complete tasks. You will also need to be wary of any obstacles or dangers to your farm. Actions can then be taken eliminate these problems. Once you have successfully completed your goals, the round will end and you will be taken to a score summary screen.

To advance to the next round, you will need to purchase certain upgrades. These cost money.If you cannot buy the appropriate item(s), you will need to repeat another completed round (or more) to earn enough money to purchase them. You win the game once you have successfully completed all rounds in the five farms.

Helpful Money Earning Tips

Use the following Farm Frenzy 3 walkthrough game tips to help you earn more money:

  • Always pick up completed farm goods as soon as they appear. If you don’t, they will soon vanish and you will not earn any money for them.
  • As soon as you have completed a product goal, immediately sell them to get the money faster. This will help free up your time to focus on other money making tasks.
  • Sell any extra animals you don’t require in your current round goals to earn extra money. You can also sell additional animals once you have completed any goals that required them.
  • Capture dangerous predatory animals (like lions) in cages to keep them from killing your other animals. Selling the predatory animals gives you a decent amount of cash. You can also upgrade the cages for faster animal capturing.
  • In game rounds with high financial goals, buy the most expensive animal types you can afford. Process their raw materials to earn higher amounts of money.

Farm Frenzy 3 Walk through - General Game Round Tips

Each round in the game will provide you with new challenges. Follow these Farm Frenzy 3 walk through game tips to help you complete rounds with success:

  • Keep your water well full at all times. It is slow to re-fill. Upgrade the well to get larger containers to hold more water.
  • Place feeding grass towards the bottom of the screen. Predatory animals tend to congregate in the middle and top areas.
  • Items that are dropped from the helicopter can be collected while in mid air.
  • If your animals run out of food they will die. You can keep an eye on their condition by looking at their health bar located underneath them. A flashing bar indicates they are almost dead.
  • Upgrade your warehouse so you can hold larger amounts of items. You will lose money if goods do not fit into the warehouse and are placed on the ground.
  • Buildings should only be upgraded to fit the needs of your current round goals. Unnecessary upgrades waste money you can use towards other items you need.
  • In levels that require high volumes of a product, upgrade the shop that makes it to the maximum level. This will improve your efforts by speeding up production and making more of the item.

Other Helpful Things

Farm Frenzy 3 walk through

In addition to the useful Farm Frenzy 3 walk through tips, it is good to know about the tools and helpful creatures that can assist you with your goals. Keep the following in mind during your game rounds:


The trucks deliver your items to the city to be sold. When it returns to your farm it will make a honking sound. Upgrading it allows it to carry more items and deliver them faster.


You will use helicopters to bring in items from the city. These are products that cannot be made on your farm. Upgrades will increase speed of delivery and the amount of items it can carry.


Dogs are useful to help you control the predatory animals that prey on your farm animals and product items. Upgrading them improves their ability to control larger numbers of animals.


Cats will help you find completed products on the ground and move them into the warehouse. Multiple cats increase their efficiency with this task.