Review: Farmerama Browser Game - Coming Farming with Farmerama

Review: Farmerama Browser Game - Coming Farming with Farmerama
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Farmerama Basics (4 out of 5)


Farmerama is like many of the popular farming games such as Farmville. This browser based web game can be found on Bigpoint. In Farmerama you have a farm where you can grow crops, harvest them, and sell them for coins for your farm. You can raise fruit tress and animals on your farm too as well as visit the city area in the game. To make your crops grow faster you can provide them with water and fertilizer. Your animals require feed which can be produced from your crops and if you clean the animal pens you can use the fertilizer on your crops. Your farmhouse will flash periodically which means there are orders ready and if you have the required goods you will make some cash or you can save the order for later until you have the crops or have raised the animals. You can buy decorations with your cash or get more seeds and animals in the city.

Growing Farmerama Crops (4 out of 5)


Growing crops is an easy process in Farmerama just put down a plot and seed it with some seeds. You can buy seeds in the city and as you level up more seed types will become available. You can add fertilizer if you want as well as water to help your crops grow. At the minimum you should add water which can be done by clicking on the plot and selecting the water droplet. You can refill your water storage tank with game coins when you run low. You have a wide range of crops you can grow including wheat, lettuce carrots, oats, sunflowers, and more. Fruit trees can be purchased in the city but will require quite a few coins.

Farm Animals (4 out of 5)

On your farm you can raise animals in pens. In the city you can buy new animal pens once you are at the required level. You will start with basic chickens. Animals require water and animal feed which you can produce in your mill. If you clean the animal pen you will get fertilizer which you can apply to your crops to help them grow faster. Your animals can also be sold to fulfill orders at your farmhouse.

The City (4 out of 5)

In Farmerama you will also find a city area where you can do different tasks for rewards. Here you can sell your crops to other players in the market or buy some yourself. You can get seeds, trees, animal pens, and other goods such as animal feed. You can also sign up for premium services here if you want. You can buy farm decorations here or send message and gifts to other farmers playing the game. There’s a wheel you can spin for prizes in the city too.

Farmerama Game Play and Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Farmerama is a decent farming game but isn’t as deep as a game such as Farmville. The city gives some added game play such as tasks or quests you can do for rewards such as an animal pen. The problem with Farmerama isn’t the game itself its that this has all been done before. Everything looks nice but there’s nothing that the game adds to the genre. Farmerama has its moments but there are better farming games out there.