All about Game Play and Bonus Levels for Turbo Subs

All about Game Play and Bonus Levels for Turbo Subs
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About Turbo Subs

If you are familiar with Turbo Pizza, this new sandwich version continues the entrepreneurial careers of Rebecca and Robert. After their aunt gives them a subway cart, they decide to build a chain of three sub sandwich restaurants. It is a time management game where serving customers and earning money is the main priority.

Game Play

Turbo Subs screenshot

In all three sub sandwich restaurants Rebecca and Robert work behind a large circular counter. During each level, customers arrive and will need to be given menus by clicking on the counter space in front of them. When they are ready to order, a thought bubble will display an image of the food or drink item.

Some food items can be picked up directly while others require preparation. Soda, cookies and chips can be picked up right away.

Sandwiches are prepared by Robert at his station. Click on the image of sandwich you need. Robert will make it for you and place it on his counter. Other items that require preparation are coffee and cotton candy. Simply click on the appropriate food appliance and it will prepare it for you.

Deliver food items to the customer as they are prepared (or picked up). After the customer receives their order they will leave the counter. Collect the money and tips to clear the counter area.

Preparing and delivering food to customers continues until time runs out. Afterwards, a summary screen will appear. This will display your total score, money earned and overall ranking on that particular level. Successful completion of a level depends on whether or not you earned the money required needed to move forward in the game.

In between levels, an upgrade shop will appear. With the money you earned, use it to purchase items to increase food production, money profits, restaurant décor or improve Rebecca and Robert’s skills.

To win the Turbo Subs, you will need to successfully complete all levels in the three restaurants.

Bonus Levels

Bonus levels give you a chance to earn extra money. This option will appear occasionally between regular game levels. They are hidden object games where you need to locate items displayed on a list. Only a few minutes are given to complete this task. If you succeed, the money you earn can be used to purchase upgrades.

Turbo Subs Game Strategy and Tips

  • To earn higher scores, deliver drink and food items in chain actions. Rebecca can hold two items at a time. The easiest chains to make are collecting money and picking up soda, chips or cookies.
  • The “Turbo Service Meter” will give Rebecca a faster walking speed temporarily. This option is achieved by building up the meter through fast customer order deliveries.
  • Try to take care of impatient customers first. In the Turbo Subs game, a mood bar is displayed above their head. Impatient customers can be identified easily since the color of their mood bar changes quickly shortly after they show up at the counter or appears low (orange or red) from the start.
  • At the end of some levels, it is best to complete a full set of customers before collecting the money (except levels with thieves). New customers will show up right away causing the game to get a bit frantic and may cause you to miss your monetary goal in that level.
  • Patient types of customers’ mood bar will stay in the green (happy) for longer periods of time.
  • Thieves can be a problem. On certain levels, money can be stolen from the counter if not collected right away. Thieves will appear behind your regular customers.
  • Every time a customer leaves $300 is taken away from your total.
  • Décor item upgrades will help build up your “Turbo Service Meter” bar faster.
  • If you think that you will be unable to complete a level successfully, go back to the main menu and select the Play option to start it again. This will not give you any kind of penalty.
  • Some sub sandwiches look similar. Try to familiarize yourself with their subtle differences. Smaller sandwiches can be distinguished by sesame seeds. Larger sandwiches are slightly taller.
  • To help anticipate future customer orders, prepare coffee and cotton candy ahead of time. Also have Robert prepare a couple of sub sandwiches.
  • If you pick up the wrong item, you can throw it away in the trash bin without any monetary loss.


Image credit: Turbo Subs game screenshots taken by Sheila Robinson.