A Guide to Restaurant, Catering & Cooking Strategy Games

A Guide to Restaurant, Catering & Cooking Strategy Games
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Simulation games are extremely popular on social networking websites, such as Facebook. Many of these games are city building or business building simulation strategy games. Some of the other very popular strategy games on these social media websites have a restaurant or cooking theme. During the game, players build up their restaurant, serve customers food, earn money, and participate in various quests within the games. Many of these games, while they are free, do require help from friends. With any luck, you can get your friends on the website involved in working together.

Restaurant and Cooking Games on Facebook

Some of the more popular restaurant or cooking games on these websites include: Baking Life, Café World, Cake Mania, and Restaurant City. If you’re unsure about which of these games to play, check out Bright Hub’s reviews and individual game guide to restaurant, catering & cooking strategy games for the social networking websites, like Facebook, to determine which is best suited for your game style.

Baking Life on Facebook

Café Wold on Facebook

Cake Mania Free Games

restaurant city image

Restaurant City on Facebook

Restaurant and Cooking Games for Consoles and Handheld Devices

There are many fun cooking games available for consoles and handheld devices. Depending on which console or handheld device you use, there is sure to be at least one restaurant or cooking game that you can play to test your virtual cooking skills. These guides and reviews will help you to best choose which ones you’d most like to play.

Cooking Mama 3 Shop and Chop

Restaurant and Cooking Games for the PC

Even though the games on Facebook and other social networking websites are highly popular, not everyone enjoys playing games on that type of venue, or even participating on those websites. If you want to play the restaurant or cooking games as a regular video game, there are quite a few options for you to look into as well. Some of the more popular games for these include: Burger Bustle, Diner Dash, and Restaurant Empire. These games don’t require playing online, and will generally load with less problems. Furthermore, they don’t require any extra help from friends to complete tasks. If these are more your style of gaming, read the articles below to see which would be best for you to play. Some games even have cheat codes available to use, and those guides are also listed, if available to use.

Burger Bustle Guides

Diner Dash cover image for the game

Diner Dash Reviews and Guides

A Guide to Restaurant, Catering & Cooking Strategy Games

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  • Screenshots and references from Café World, Cooking Mama 3, Diner Dash, and Restaurant City.