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Cafe World Tips & Tricks

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Cook, serve, and create the coolest place to dine in Cafe World Facebook's latest gaming obsession. Learn all the tips and tricks to mastering your cafe kitchen. Discover Cafe World tips to level up faster, earn more coins, and increase your restaurant's overall buzz.

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    General Guide to Cafe World on Facebook

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    Cafe World Tips And Tricks - Entering the Facebook Kitchen

    cafe world facebook Café World is a Facebook Application game that puts players in charge of their own virtual café. Unlike Restaurant City Café World is all about the food. In order to level up players must carefully select and cook meals step by step to please the hungry masses. It can get hot and quite challenging in the Café World Facebook kitchen. Learn the best Café World hints and tips to keep the dishes fresh, the coins piling, the buzz rating going up, and the customers coming back for more. Leveling fast can be easy when you know all the tricks of the trade.

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    Bacon Cheeseburger to Fiery Fish Tacos – Cooking Tips

    Cookbook Screenshot Cafe World Tips Cooking is one of most important skills to master for success in this game. The majority of the tasks that a player can perform to receive valuable Café points often requires some form of food prep or cooking. Clicking the stove will open up a cookbook with a variety of dishes available to prepare. Each meal cost a certain amount of coins to create and lists different cooking times. Planning ahead of time is vital. If a dish is cooked and doesn’t get served in time it will spoil. This wastes precious coins and may affect your buzz rating. Figuring out which meals to cook can make or break your café. Inexpensive dishes like the bacon cheeseburger, super chunk fruit salad, jammin’ jelly donuts, and chicken gyro with fries cook in the shortest amount of time. Serving these meals is usually best when players have the day to play around. If your time is limited then cooking more pricey meals that serve higher number of servings is ideal. The times range from two hours for fiery fish tacos to 22 hours for the savory stuffed turkey which serves 1,200 customers.

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    Café World Hints for Leveling Quicker

    cafe world hints Since cooking dishes is the best method to leveling up fast having meals prepared in advance can give players an advantage. To properly execute this or any the other Café World hints in this guide a user should understand the power of their buzz rating. The number at the right top corner of the screen is the buzz rating. The higher the number the more customers will enter the café. Not running out of meals to serve and prompt service will easily boost your buzz score. A secret trick to never having an empty counter is to close your café and cook a large amount of dishes before opening up again. Any café can be closed by removing the door. Simply click the customize icon shaped as a chair and drag the door to the inventory items. Players can still cook meals while the restaurant is shut down. Dishes sitting on the serving counters do not spoil. On several stoves cook the same dish to boost the servings count and place on the counter. Repeat with a different meal until all of the counters are filled with thousands of servings of food. Drag the door back to open for business again.

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    More Café World Tips and Tricks

    cafe world tips and tricks Other helpful Cafe World tips include using gifts and assisting friends in need. Although, it may seem insignificant gift giving can really help improve a player’s café. Users can give free gifts like rare dishes, spices, and cool décor items to neighbors. The most beneficial of these are the extra meals. When given a dish it can be immediately placed on the serving counter or sold for coins. Save dish gifts until you really need them during slow cooking times. Be a great neighbor as well. Visit friends to try their daily special and leave a free tip. Each time Café points and coins are earned. It’s all about the food in this world of virtual cafés. Use these tips to master your Café World Facebook kitchen and level up quickly.