Cafe World Tips for Facebook: How to Begin and Understanding the Stove

Cafe World Tips for Facebook: How to Begin and Understanding the Stove
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Cafe World Tips

Café World, one of Zynga’s newest Facebook game, offers a casual yet fun experience of creating, decorating, and running a virtual café with the aid of family and friends. The game allows a player to build and decorate a virtual cafe and see friends and family visit. Players earn virtual coin and experience in order to expand, and neighbors can aid each other by sending food and cooking new recipes. While the game is extremely simple play, its many options may overwhelm new players, and though most of the gameplay is quite intuitive, a few elements require further instruction.

How to Begin

Cafe World

Café World can be accessed through Facebook or the Zynga website. A Facebook account is required to play the game. Once the application is given permission to access an account, the tutorial will begin.

In the tutorial, a little pink-haired chef walks the new player through some basic instructions on how to dress the chef, decorate the store, and most importantly, how to cook food. The game begins with three stove tops and three serving counters, and one of the first things to learn is how to buy a new stove and how to cook on one. The first item on the menu is the basic Bacon Cheeseburger. The tutorial ends when the third Bacon Cheeseburger is cooked and served.

Understanding the Stove - One of many vital Cafe World Tips

The stove is where all food is cooked by the chef, and the serving counter is where the food goes to be served to patrons in the restaurant. In order to cook food, the chef must have access to the front of the stove. Thus, if the front of the stove is turned towards a wall, that stove becomes completely useless. Be sure to turn the stove in a way that can be accessed by the chef.

When a food item is done cooking, it will sparkle, indicating that it is ready to be served. Only the chef can move the food from the stove to the serving counter. Once the food is removed, the stove is “dirty” and must be cleaned before creating a new dish. Each cleaning costs 15 Café Coins and gives 1 Café Point. Stoves can be cleaned for free by removing it from the café using the store editor that can be accessed via the Customize (chair) tab or the Functional (gear) tab, but the café point cannot be earned this way.

Should a piece of food be left on the stove too long, it will rot. Simply clicking on the stove will remove the food and clean the stove. Again, this will cost 15 Café Coin and provide 1 Café point.

Cafe World Tips And Tricks - Understanding the Serving Counter

Cafe World Serving Counters

The serving counters work similarly. They must be turned in a way that allows the servers access. The game starts each café off with one server, and one of the most charming points of the game is that real life friends can be hired to work at the café. Again, if the counters are placed facing towards a wall or a closed location, they are rendered useless. Servers must be able to reach them. Make sure that the side of the counter that shows the plates stacked up remains unobstructed.

Understanding the Food

Properly planning the type of food you will cook is one of many vital Cafe World Tips And Tricks. Different recipes are unlocked by gaining levels, and levels are unlocked by gaining Café Points. Café Points can be earned through a variety of ways. All available recipes are available via the Cookbook tab, which brings up a menu with basic information about the food. The most important information available is whether or not the recipe is unlocked. Those that are unlocked will be marked with a bright green Available at the bottom of the recipe card. Those items that cannot yet be cooked by the Café’s chef will be marked with a bright red Locked.

Cafe World Completed Food

Each piece of food has an indicated cost. The Café Coins are automatically deducted when an empty stove is clicked and assigned a dish. Remember to add 15 Café Coins to the cost of each item when figuring out the total profits because the stove must be cleaned at the cost of 15 coins after each item is cooked.

Each recipe card also shows the number of servings that each recipe recreates of that particular food and how much each serving will cost the customer. The last bit of helpful information is how much money the café will make total from that recipe. To calculate the total profit, add the cost of the recipe and 15 Café coins. Then subtract that from the Total number indicated in the recipe.

Each time the chef cook’s food for the first time, he or she will also receive 100 extra servings of that food as well as making 100 servings available for his/her friends. Thus, friends can be a valuable source of free food.

Understanding the Tables

Table placement is incredibly important in Café World. First, customers must be able to sit down in order to eat. Secondly, servers must be able to place food on the table in order for customers to be able to eat. If a customer cannot eat, he or she will angrily leave the restaurant and the café’s Buzz Rating will go down.

CW Table Placement

Customers must have a clear path to a chair. That means that the chair must not be completely blocked by another table or chair. Some people simply put their tables and chairs in rows with an empty row between their lines of tables and chairs. If in doubt, simply watch and see whether or not a chair gets used when the restaurant is full. If people still leave angrily—as indicated by a ticking clock over their heads at the doorway—then the chair is block. Move it, or create a clear path to it.

In order for a server to be able to put food on the table, at least one corner of the table must be completely clear. For example, a six top will not work. Two rows of three tables put against each other will make the middle tables on both sides unable to be served. However, a row of six tables placed end to end will work as long as the front of the tables are clear of obstruction. Be sure to watch patrons if the Buzz Score drops and everyone is getting seated. That means that some table is blocked from being served.

Understanding the Buzz Score

The Buzz Score simply determines how many people come to the café in a given amount of time. A low buzz score means that people will trickle in slowly and not much food is required to keep the patrons happy. The lowest buzz for any café is 5.0 and the highest buzz possible is 105.0. Each satisfied customer raises the buzz by 0.1, but each unhappy customer drops the buzz by 0.5. Unsatisfied customers can be a result of customers having to wait too long to be seated due to an overcrowded restaurant or customers having to wait too long to be served due to slow waiters or bad table placement. As long as they are seated and served quickly, customers will be happy. Running out of food while the Café World window is active can be an extremely quick buzz killer.

The Buzz Score will not change if the Café World window is inactive, so before bedtime, long vacations, or work, simply close the Café World window. If the café runs out of food, the buzz score will still remain the same. Upon returning to Café World, though, be sure to serve food immediately because customers will be waiting.

Understanding the Need for Neighbors

Cafe World Chef Specials

Café World may be the most friend intensive of all the Zynga games. Friends determine café expansion and medal awards. Most importantly, friends are often the key to whether or not a café runs out of food early on in the game. Friends who are actively playing Café World will aid heavily in providing enough food to keep customers happy and to keep the café expanding. It can be quite simple to create a Café World friend’s list and join one of the many groups on Facebook dedicated to playing the game. Each day, every neighbor visited will reward the café owner with +5 Café Points and +20 Café Coins, and neighbors will often post free food to the news feed, which will supplement what the café’s chef can actually produce within a day. Free food is free coins.


Cafe World is the latest craze in social gaming and massively multiplayer games. Players can play at their own pace and work together to better all their restaurants. The community is very helpful, visually oriented, and non-competitive. Teamwork seems to be the goal for most groups dedicated to the application. The only drawback seems to be for friends who are NOT playing Cafe World as the application sends out quite a big of spam. Recommend to non-players that they can hide the application to avoid from being deleted by co-workers or casual acquaintances.

Fun Things to Remember

  • 50 Gifts Achievement

    Do not forget to name the new café. Simply click on the café’s name on the upper right corner of the game window and type in a new name.

  • Selling back stoves is the only way to upgrade to the prettier models. The old ones have to be sold first before new ones can be bought. The same goes for the counters.

  • Earning medals is one of the fastest ways to earn Café Points early on in the game.

  • You can buy multiple doors for a creative look.

  • Read our other guides on Café World for more advanced tips.