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Facebook Baking Life Guide

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Baking Life puts you in control of your own Bakery. Use your ovens to produce tasty baked goods for your guests and fill up your counters with items to sell. Decorate your bakery and provide tables for your patrons. Make the ultimate bakery with Baking Life.

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    Baking Life - The Basics

    Baking Life Baking Life is very much like Café World and other restaurant style games except it revolves around just baked goods such as cookies and pies. To make money you will need stoves, cash registers and counters to sell your goods. Click on a stove to begin baking items in your menu that are available at your level. Each item will take a few coins to make and tell you how many servings plus the profit you will make after you sell all the servings. Once the item is on the counter top click it to add ingredients and your avatar will then put it in the oven to bake. Once it is ready click again and take it to your counters to sell. You can add additional servings of an item which will stack on the countertop but once the counters are full you will need to buy more counter space. So for example you can’t stack pies on top of cookies you need one spot for each item.

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    Deciding What To Sell

    Baking Life You have numerous items you can sell but you must take care and sell only what is going to be ready when your online. So for example if your going to be online you could make poppy seed muffins which will bring you some cash as your playing. It doesn’t make sense to bake items that won’t be ready when you plan to be online because they will burn and you won’t get the cash for them. Take a look at the list and plan what you want to sell before just blindly making anything at all. Cookies and muffins are great to start with because they have a very short cooking time and you can be online as they bake. Have one item with a long cooking time that you can put on the counter the next day when your online. If you plan to be away for more than one day pick an item with a two day bake timer. When you make the right choices as to what to bake you can maximize your profits without having baked goods burn when you can’t serve them in time.

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    Stoves Counters and Expansions

    To add more stoves to your bakery you will need additional gas lines. You can buy these in the game store but you must have the required level to get them. Countertops work the same way you need to be the appropriate level to buy more. You can continue to expand your bakery this way with more countertops and stoves. To buy more cash registers you will need an additional outlet. You can also buy expansions to make your bakery bigger in size by clicking on the arrows on the outside of your bakery which will expand your bakery at the expense of some coins.

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    Bakery Workers and Facebook Friends

    Bakery Life In the game you have some temporary workers that will help you run your bakery. Your workers need to be paid and this will be deducted out of the money you make. If you have Facebook friends you can hire them and you won’t have to pay the employee fees. To hire friends click the hire friends icon and share that you need employees. Your friends can click the share message and join as an employee of your bakery.

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    Style and Hype Bonus

    Baking Life You can increase your style bonus by adding more things to your bakery such as counter tops, stoves, and decorations. Each decorative item will have a style percentage which when added to your bakery will raise your overall style rating. You can find this rating to the right of your game screen. Hype can be gained by having an easy to use bakery for your customers. Be sure your cash register isn’t too far from the door and you always have food available. If your customers leave your rating will go down so keep them there by arranging your bakery properly and may need to experiment a bit here.

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    You have many decorative options in the game but one thing you should have right away is some tables and chairs since some of your guests will want to sit down and you can raise your hype if you have adequate seating for them. You have a nice collections of floors, doors, walls, wall décor, and floor décor to get your bakery looking nice and bringing in more customers. Try adding items as soon as you can to raise your style rating. You can have your bakery in one color of you want since there are sets of decorations that are color coordinated or you can go for an entriely different look. You can also add the coffee bar but you will need parts sent to you from Facebook friends in order to complete it.

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    Baking Life is a fun game and well worth trying out. it doesn't have the options of a game such as Cafe World but it is easier to play and this might appeal to more players. The game isn't difficult and this guide should get you up and running in o time. be sure to put your food on the countertops so it doesn't burn and you get the maximum number of coins from your baked goods.