Diner Dash Cheats, Tips, and Hints

Diner Dash Cheats, Tips, and Hints
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Diner Dash Cheats

Diner Dash is a hell of a lot of fun, there’s no debating that. Just check out our review. And judging by our review of Diner Dash 5, the series is still going strong. But as good as it is, it’s also pretty difficult, increasingly so as the game goes on. As business picks up, things will get more stressful, and you’re likely to rip your hair out. But wait! Don’t touch those curly locks of yours! Things will be a lot easier with these Diner Dash cheats, tips, and hints!

Types of Upgrades

Over the course of your waitressing career you’ll gain access to various upgrades. Here’s what they are and what they do.

  • The podium allows you to keep the customers in line happy. Just plop Flo down behind it to watch their hearts expand.
  • The drink and snack stations will help keep customers happy. You just better be quick with their requests.

The following upgrades are only available in Endless Shift mode, which you can find tips for a little ways down the page.

  • The stereo will keep the customers at the tables patient and happy. Who doesn’t like to rock out to some tunes?
  • The performer will entertain those still in line. This allows you to spend less time behind the podium (if you have one.)
  • The oven helps cook meals faster, allowing you to get them out in less time.
  • The running shoes give Flo a boost when walking, which helps her do just about everything quicker!

Types of Customers

There are six types of customers in Diner Dash, all with different attributes. Becoming familiar with their patience levels will be a big help.


  • Businesswomen leave generous tips, but they’re impatient both in line and once seated. Deal with them quickly.
  • College kids are impatient in line but like to take their sweet time once seated, which will tie up a table for a good while. They leave decent tips.
  • Mr. Hot Shot is incredibly patient while standing in line, but not so at the table. He tips well.
  • Seniors are very patient all around, but they take a while at the table and don’t leave very big tips.
  • The restaurant critics are very important customers and can come in groups. If they leave happy, you get a star (extra life), but you’ll lose points if they don’t have a good experience.
  • Young girls are patient and give good tips. You won’t need any Diner Dash cheats with these girls!

Cheats for Diner Dash and Tips


Always keep a queue going! This is absolute commons sense, but it’s so important that it bears mentioning. Flo should always have a line of things to do and you should always be a few steps ahead.

Did you know that you can pick up the check and clean the table in one grand gesture? Simply double click the table to pull it off.

More money earned is more important than more customers served, so keep an eye on those heart meters, both above the people in line and the ones sitting at the tables. Speedy service will keep the hearts up and earn you bigger tips.

Seniors and Mr. Hot Shots (arrives at level 7) are more patient in line than the other customers, so you can afford to seat them last. Keep in mind that Mr. Hot Shot is not as patient once he’s seated.

Combos are important. Keep the line of customers full until you can seat everyone at the same time, take all the orders at the same time, and then serve all the dishes at the same time. The combos add up big time.

You’ll also get an extra 100 points per customer for sitting patrons of the some color at the same seat.

Flo can carry up to four items at a time. Multitasking is an important skill in this game!

Using the podium will not break your current chain, while things like washing dishes will.

Tips for Endless Shift Mode


You lose a star for every customer that leaves.

When new upgrades become available, grab them right away.

Get the entertainer as soon as possible. This will keep the customers in line happy and patient without you having to man the podium. This will free you up for other, more important tasks.

After you’ve got the entertainer, purchase the oven and the running shoes. These will speed things up.

Finally, buy the radio to entertain the customers that have already been seated.

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