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Penguin Diner Dash

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Travel where adorable penguins play together in an icy wonderland in Penguin Diner Dash. Learn about the polar version of the classic Diner Dash game series. Help Penny make her way back home.

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    Meet Penny the Penguin

    Penguin Diner Dash - Penny In Penguin Diner Dash two popular virtual worlds collide. Based off Disney’s virtual world called Club Penguin players become Penny the Penguin. During a long Antarctic journey she finds herself lost. Penny spots a Hill Top Café within walking distance. With no money to help her fund the treacherous voyage back home she applies for a waitress job at the café. Players must help Penny serve customers and earn enough in tips to be reunited with her loving family. Players can enjoy diner dash on Club Penguin in a way with a variety of colorful webbed friends ready to feast.

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    Penguin Diner Dash Game

    games like diner dash Penny the Penguin is a waitress just like Flo in the Diner Dash games. Players have to click customers to seat them at tables when they arrive. Hover the mouse over the waiting guests and click the desired location. There is no ticket station in Penguin Diner Dash. Once a customer order is taken the meal of their choice will appear above their heads. These arctic birds love strawberry shakes, lemonade, burritos, and gourmet fish fillets. The chef will set the dish on the table when done. Penny can carry two dishes at a time. For each level players must meet their tip quota before the café closes at 9PM.

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    Strawberry Shakes and Fish Fillets

    Diner Dash on Club Penguin All the customers are cute animated characters to create a diner dash on club penguin like environment. Although, the game appears very lighthearted it’s still quite challenging. The penguins in this icy wonderland demand high quality service and nothing less. If they have to wait too long for their strawberry shakes and fish fillets it is not a pretty sight. An impatient penguin’s head will turn blood red. They also are prone to storm off without a moment’s notice. If this happens players have to guide Penny to the trash can to discard the leftover dish. It’s all about speed and good customer service in Penguin Diner Dash.

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    Diner Dash on Club Penguin

    penguin diner dash game screenshot Penny wears skates while serving customers in the Hill Top, Ice Rink, and Iceberg Café. After each level players have the option to upgrade. Upgrade Penny’s skates to increase her speed. Purchase televisions to distract customers from leaving too soon or comfortable seats to make dining more enjoyable. Higher upgrades boost Penny’s tips also. Penguin Diner Dash challenges players in multiple ways. Selecting which upgrades to invest in is tricky. Strategy plays a huge role in balancing quick service and café luxury items. In order to win the game and get Penny safely home to her family players have to keep up with the fast pace influx of starving penguins. This version of Diner Dash on Club Penguin can be played on Facebook for free with friends. It’s definitely worth checking out especially for gamers who love Diner Dash games.