Coffee Buzz PC Puzzle Game - Review of Coffee Buzz

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Gotta' Keep The Coffee Comin' (4 out of 5)

For those who love coffee in the morning, then this game is for you! Coffee Buzz takes all of your favorite coffee drinks and mixes them with some of the most enjoyable games out there on the web today. The game itself is a cross between Bejeweled, Cake Mania, and Coffee Shop. I actually loved this game, and played it way too long before I wrote this review.

Game Basics

In the game, you are the employee at a coffee shop. You have to match the puzzle pieces on the board to mix the right ingredients so that you can make the right coffee drink that the customer has ordered. You have customers waiting at the counter and when you have mixed the right ingredients, you serve them their drink to get your money and tip.

While the customers are waiting on you to mix their favorite cup ‘o joe, they will lose patience with you if you take too long. By using combos, you can gain treats, like lollypops and ice cream, to help make their patience go back up as well as your tips. Each level will bring you harder recipes to make as well as new types of customers. Some customers are really patient, such as the bride, while others blow their tops quickly, such as the Drill Sergeant. You have to work hard to match the ingredients quickly to make several drinks at once to keep everyone happy.

In between levels, you can go shopping for special items that will help you in the game. As you gain money and go through the levels, you will earn tokens that you can use to purchase these items. Some of the items that you can purchase include more treats at your disposal, different recipes that will make you more money, and the ability to supersize your drinks as well. There are plenty of ways to keep the game interesting and fun so that you won’t get tired of it too quickly.


The graphics are pretty good - a.k.a. Cake Mania. The puzzle is clear and crisp and all of the details that go into the game are really good as well. Nothing runs together or has fuzzy edges, even on the smaller parts of the customer’s clothing. So that is a great plus. And, everything is colorful and bright to keep you interested as well.


Overall, the game is fun. I would recommend it to anyone who likes puzzle games mixed in with some of the strategy games. And, for those who like Cake Mania and Diner Dash, this is also a great game for you to try out as well. And don’t forget your favorite cup of coffee while you play so you don’t blow your top like some of the customers in this game might!